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Feb 20 2016

Leather Saddle Care

  Last month, we covered a variety of ways to protect a leather saddle from rain. Through the course of researching for that article, we came across many other articles and forum posts on leather saddles. The overall landscape of information out there is disheartening. There is a lot of confusion, fear, and mystical speculation […]

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Jul 15 2014

Tools I brought on my Brompton Adventure (#BUSC 2014)

I’m currently sitting on an airplane headed to Washington DC for the Brompton US Championship 2014. I’m not certain what I did to be fortunate enough to be going, but it must have been something amazing because BUSC is a Brompton lovers dream come true! We often are asked what tools are needed on Brompton […]

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Feb 18 2011

Suitcase Eddy Mercxx! Ridable, Flyable Art

Curt Goodrich of Curt Goodrich Bicycles pulled out an amazing job on a gorgeous road bike this winter. The job was to instal S & S couplers on a vintage Eddy Mercxx 7-11 Team Edition Bike. That part is the easy stuff. Then the customer wanted the bike painted in full-on original Eddy Merxx 7-11 […]

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Oct 26 2010

Bending a Pair of Vision Handlebars

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