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ABS Box for Igaro D2 Dynamo Chargers Zoom

ABS Box for Igaro D2 Dynamo Chargers

This ABS-Box fits an Igaro D2 Dynamo Charger with Power Lead and USB-C cable.
We use this to protect the D2 both from the abuse of being inside a handlebar bag, frame pack or Top Tube Bag as well as from the weather. It is not a waterproof box, though with some silicone glue, it certainly could be.
We believe that getting the USB-C plug inside of the box ultimately offers extreme weather protection (without silicone glue) and the ABS-Box offers full protection of the power connectors that protrude out of the D2.
If you have specific USB-C cables that you are using, you will want to buy the ABS-Box as a do-it-yourself, unmodified box (box and lid). The lid is simply a snap-fit top. The D2 does not rattle around in this box once the lid is snapped on.
We also sell the ABS-Box with the cutouts for the cables in the box. The cutouts are specific to the D2 Power Lead and the USB-C to Female USB-A 3.1 cable (what's being used in the pictures). The D2-Ready ABS-Box includes the modified box (with cutouts) and the USB-C to female USB-A 3.1 cable.

OUTER DIMENSIONS: 2.76" x 1.65" x 0.71" (70mmx42mmx18mm)
WEIGHT: .05oz (1.6g)

SKU: PRN-6000

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Perennial Cycle



ABS Box for Igaro D2
Part #: PRN-6000

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type Mounting Accessory
Brand Perennial Cycle


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