Shutter Precision SV-8 Dynamo Lighting Kit for Brompton

Light up the night with a complete Dynamo kit for Brompton Bicycles. This set includes everything you need to outfit your Brompton with reliable hub-powered lighting. Everyone at Perennial Cycle agrees that having dynamo lighting is the most useful add-on you can make to your Brompton. No more half-life batteries in the winter, or wondering if you've charged your lights the night before.

HUB: This is the power-house of the system. The SP SV-8 hub strikes a nice balance between weight, resistance, durability and price. Win, Win, Win! It's also a very nice looking hub (BONUS!). This hub has been specifically designed and manufactured for Brompton Bikes and is the current (starting w/2019 bikes) stock front wheel with all dynamo equipped bikes. This wheel set comes complete with axle skewer, washers and rim strip, dynamo cables, and both front and rear dynamo lights. 

Front Light: For the front light, this kit includes the Busch & Muller Lyt BN Plus. It is wired to be a plug-and-play light for the brompton, and provides a moderate 25 lux beam to the ground with a stand light so when you are at the stoplight you are still visible.

Rear Light: The Spanninga Solo for dynamo lights is the current stock light on Brompton's with dynamo lighting. The Solo is a very compact rear dynamo light. A line of mirror reflectors are used to spread the beam from the single LED bulb. This Light Line Technology is a way for the Solo to be highly visible, yet use minimal energy (and thus add minimal resitance). The top section of this light is a standard reflector. A capacitor in the light will keep it shining (and keep you visible) for up to 4 minutes of standing still. There is no power switch. As with all dynamo lights, the rear light goes on when you switch on the front light.

PACKAGE DETAILS: This is a complete dynamo package for Brompton bikes. All wires are pre-measured and pre-cut with appropriate ends professionally connected. A tire and tube are not included. You can swap those from your existing wheel. If you need a new tire or tube you can shop for them HERE.

While this dynamo package from Brompton is a good price, we are unimpressed by both the front and the rear light. We'd recommend the SP Upgrade or the SON Deluxe packages.

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SV-8 Dynamo Lighting Kit -Dynamo Package for Brompton
PART NUMBER: 9020430
UPC: 5053099020430

WHEEL: Shutter Precision SV-8, stainless spokes & Brompton Rim
FRONT LIGHT: Busch & Müller Lyt BN Plus
REAR LIGHT: Spanninga Solo Xds
COLOR: Silver
INCLUDES: Front dynamo wheel with axle skewer, front & rear dynamo lights, all needed hardware to install on a Brompton bike (all models)
INSTRUCTIONS: view or download HERE

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type Dynamo Package
Brand Brompton


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