Lumotec IQ2 Luxos U Headlight Zoom

Lumotec IQ2 Luxos U Headlight

The most fully-featured dynamo light in Busch & Müller's line-up, the Luxos U is a game-changer for commuters and tourers in need of reliability and versatility. You'll love its amazingly wide, clear and even beam and incredible vertical distribution of light.

70 (standard mode) or 90 lux (floodlight) output
Handlebar-mounted controls with LED indicator and integrated USB charging
Wide and deep field of light

Busch & Müller Luxos Instructions.

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Modes & Controls: The Luxos U has an illuminated switch on its casing as well as a separate handlebar push button with its own indicator LEDs. O (Off), S (Senso), Floodlight or Flashing, and RL (rear light monitor) are included on the light's casing. The unique handlebar button controls all functions. A long push turns the light on/off and manually shuts off the standlight. A quick push activates the floodlight for a second or so when the lights are on and operates a brief flashing light to alert an oncoming motorist when the headlight is switched off.

USB: A USB socket is integrated into the handlebar button below the rubber cap and can be used to charge or power USB devices (5V, up to 1A). Note that full-power USB charging works best when the headlight is not in operation.
OUTPUT: 70/90 lux
WEIGHT: 180g
CONSTRUCTION: plastic casing, plastic lens
WIRING: 60 cm coaxial cable for USB control (hard wired into light)
MODES: On/Off/Auto (similar to B&M’s Senso)
INCLUDES: 2.8 mm female blade connector (4), usb cable (1), dust cap tie (1), zip tie (1), velcro loop (1), cable guide (2), star key (1), heatshrink wrap (2), 210 cm cable (detached), stainless steel headlamp bracket

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type Dynamo Front Light
brand Busch & Müller


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