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Dynaplug Pill (Micro Pro) Tubeless Repair Kit

The Pill (also known as the Micro Pro) is a compact repair tool for plugging punctures in tubeless bicycle tires that are too large for sealant alone to fix. The two halves of the tool thread together into a smooth pill shape, with an O-ring seal to keep water and dirt out. The body of the Pill has six places to store additional pre-loaded insertion tubes, an air-stopper, and a micro knife to trim off the tail of installed plugs. Insertion tubes thread into the cap of the tool for use, and can be re-loaded with a new repair plug at home before the next adventure.

Dynaplug's patented system has been the go-to repair tool for tubeless motorcycle and auto tires since 1991, and their introduction of smaller tools tailor-made for tubeless bicycle tires have been an instant hit with adventure cyclists.

To perform a repair, simply center the metal tip of the repair plug on the puncture and shove it through. When you withdraw the insertion tube, the metal head of the repair plug remains inside the tire, leaving the sticky rubber-impregnated fiber cord passing through the puncture. The puncture has now been reduced to a size that your sealant can easily plug. Really big hole? Simply stab a second (or third!) plug in next to the first. The leak can be stopped in seconds, minimizing air loss and the need for reinflation.

Accept no substitutes! Dynaplug's tools are frequently impersonated but never equalled. Unlike inferior "bacon" style repair kits, Dynaplug's patented metal-tipped repair plugs can't be ejected from a puncture by air pressure and tire flex. No reaming or adhesives are required, and the tool stows pre-loaded and ready for rapid deployment. #plugnride

The Pill is machined from 6061 aluminum and holds one pre-loaded insertion tube ready for use threaded into the tool cap. The tool's body has six storage spaces that can hold the air stopper, micro knife, and up to four pre-loaded insertion tubes. As supplied, the tool weighs 42 grams. Adding three more loaded insertion tubes brings the weight to 50 grams.


- Dynaplug® Pill tool
- 2 insertion tubes
- 5 repair plugs (two pre-loaded in insertion tubes)
- micro knife
- air stopper (to stop air loss while you work)
- pipe cleaner (for cleaning insertion tubes before inserting a fresh repair plug)
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Dynaplug® Pill - Tubeless Bicycle Tire Repair Kit

What's the difference between the Dynaplug Pill vs. Micro Pro?<.b>
The silver version is officially known as the "Micro Pro" while the anodized versions are known as the "Pill". Despite the different names, they contain exactly the same type and quantity of plugs and tools.

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Additional Info

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