Igaro D2 Pro R3 - Dynamo Hub USB Power Converter

Igaro D2 Pro R3 - Dynamo Hub USB Power Converter

Tiny, Featherweight and LOADED with Tech!

We are dynamo superusers at Perennial Cycle and when we saw the features in the D2 Pro R3 Dynamo Charger we were stoked. The Auto-Reconnect technology used by Igaro-UK is a feature we've often dreamed about, but never before has it been available.

The Igaro D2 Pro R3 is a dynamo hub USB power converter that offers superior performance and features a miniature form-factor. Use the Igaro D2 Pro R3 with any STVZO 3W dynamo hub and charge your USB devices on your next Audax/Randonneuring challenge, around-the-world tour or commute to work.

The Igaro D2 has two USB-C ports with Igaro's auto-reconnect technology for enhanced power delivery. It also introduces maximum power point tracking for superior output with lower hub drag. Blue and red lights indicate the status of each USB-C port including how much power a connected USB device is consuming.

With an all metal body and IP69 waterproof rating (keep the USB ports dry - all USB ports corrode when wet), the Igaro D2 Pro R3 is made for long-term use. It works at any speed, generates no heat and comes with a 5 year international warranty.

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SKU IGA-0002

IGARO D2 PRO R3 Dynamo Charger
UPC: 8438569471306

USB-TYPE: 2 x USB-C with gold plated pins
POWER ENHANCEMENT: Auto-Reconnect Technology

  • USBv1 (100mA) current at 7kph
  • USBv2 (500mA) current at 14kph
  • USBv3 (900mA) current at 22kph
  • USB-C CC (1.5A) current at 39kph

OPERATIONAL TEMP: -13° to 212° F (-25° to 100° C)
POWER MANAGEMENT: Auto standby on dynamo light detection
CASE: Alloy w/IP69 Waterproof Rating
COMPATIBILITY: All 6V/3W or 6V/2.4W dynamo hubs
SIZE: 1-1/2" x 1" x 5/8" (39mm x 25mm x 15mm)
INCLUDED: D2 Pro R3 Charge Unit w/integrated Power Wire
WIRE LENGTH: approximately 36 inches (with no connectors installed from the factory)
WARANTY: 5 Years!


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