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Light & Motion Urban 500 Combo Kit

The commuter combo has been conscientiously designed to provide cyclists with greater protection on the roadways and enhance the cycling experience with powerful lighting and innovative amber side lights. Both front and rear lights have 3 brightness setting and a pulse setting, which is safer than a flash setting since it won't blind oncoming drivers. The 500 lumen headlight is bright enough to light your way wherever the road takes you. The rear light features a side-lights-only mode for riding in large groups, a seatpost mount and a super-strong clip for attaching to your bag or clothing.
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Light & Motion



Includes: Urban 500 (Onyx) Headlight, Vis 180 Micro Tail Light, Quick Release Handlebar Mount, Seat Post Mount, & Micro USB Charging Cables
Lights designed to create an effective range of light for a full 360 degrees of protective visibility.
Rechargeable via Micro-USB.
LUMENS:High – 500, Med – 250, Low – 125, Pulse – 125
RUN TIME:High – 1.5 hrs, Med – 3 hrs, Low – 6 hrs, Pulse -- 12hrs

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type Front & Rear Combo
brand Light & Motion


Customer Reviews (2)

Love this lightReview by BrieAnna
This light is durable and the charge lasts for an impressive amount of time. It is able to stay on my handlebars snugly without being a major pain to take off when I park my bike. The brightness is good enough for unlit trails and has a nice pulse setting for when you're riding on the street with cars. (Posted on 4/9/2018)
If you come into the store for lights, I'm definitely going to hand this to you. Review by Sofie
Light & Motion is not kidding around when it comes to functionality, durability, and weatherproofing. I have owned this kit for a couple years, plus an extra backup Urban 350 headlight. Here is the rundown:

The headlight provides a supa-bright and very well-directed beam that not only makes you more visible to cars, but actually seriously illuminates the road for you. It's important to note that the VAST majority of battery-powered headlights don't really do that. I can be on a pitch-black trail in the middle of the night, and still be able to easily see several feet in front of me with this light.

The tail light is also extremely bright, and has a gentle pulse setting that's attention-getting without actually blinding the cars that are coming up behind you. I know one might think it's good to be obnoxiously flashy and bright on the road, but as someone who also drives sometimes, strobing rear lights can be really distracting and actually make it harder to see you on your bike. Also, this thing has a really serious clip on it. You can clip it to your backpack and, as long as you've got it on there right, it WILL NOT fall off and explode in the road behind you. Promise.

Lastly, I am a four-season rider, and I am also a klutz who drops things a lot. As a result, both of these lights have been through the ringer with rain, snow, and sleet, and have hit the concrete more times than I can count. They still work perfectly.
Sofie ➣ Perennial Cycle Buyer (Posted on 12/4/2017)

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