Perennial 5-Star Tune

We recommend our 5-Star Tune to riders who cycle year-round and are looking for a new-bike (or trike!) feel. It includes everything you can expect from our 4-Star Tune plus all new cables and housing, brake pad replacement, and a detailed frame cleaning.

Any needed parts will be added to your service fee at an additional cost. You will receive a complete estimate prior to this work being performed.
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Perennial Cycle



What to Expect from the Perennial Service Team

Bring your bike in any time; there’s no need for an appointment.

When you arrive with your bike(s) or trike(s), we’ll perform a visual inspection and provide you with an estimate for the tune and repair, including the cost of any parts that may need to be replaced and a time window for turn-around based on our current schedule and the work involved. If the shop is particularly busy when you drop off your bike and we don’t want to keep you waiting, we may ask for your permission to call you with an estimate once we have had a chance to check-in the bike.

We’ll ask for your approval of the estimate before work is performed and can provide information about what your bike “needs now” versus what could wait for your next service if you want to stick to a specific budget.

During the off-season (late fall to early spring), expect to leave your bike for 2–4 days when dropping it off for a tune up. During the busier spring and summer months, expect to leave your bike for 3–6 days or more. While we strive to keep turn-around under a week at all times, there are always 1 or 2 summer weeks when we ask for your patience as our team works at full steam to get you, your neighbor, and your riding buddies back in the saddle ASAP!

In addition to the above description, all 5-Star Tunes include:

Initial Inspection and Consultation — Full Estimate, Free of Charge

Detailed frame cleaning

Light cleaning of rims

Front and rear wheel true (lateral only)

Hub, bottom bracket, and headset bearing adjustment (where possible)

Front and rear braking system adjustment and lubrication

All new brake cables and pads

◆ Brake pivot lubrication

◆ Brake cable lubrication

Front and rear shifting system adjustment and lubrication

◆ Derailleur and/or internal hub adjustment

◆ Derailleur pulley cleaning and pivot lubrication, where applicable

◆ Derailleur hanger alignment (as needed)

All new shift cables and housing

Drive Train Deep Clean (also included with our 4-Star Tune)

Chain lubrication

Bolt torque check and tightening

Tire inflation to appropriate PSI for tire and rim

Test Ride

Photo Courtesy of the Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-137042 (John D. Rockefeller standing with a bicycle, 1913)

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