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Airnimal Joeys Are Here and Looking Good

A New Shipment of Airnimal Joeys

A New Shipment of Airnimal Joeys is in

The Airnimal Joey is one of my all time favorite bikes. I've often said that if I had to choose one frame forever thereafter (heaven forbid) I'm pretty sure that this would be it. I think nothing of jumping on it for a run through town or a quick paced 70 mile ride with friends. If I truly was only able to use the one frame, I'd likely come up with a recumbent kit for it so that I could continue to go out on the plus-100 mile rides on a recumbent... The first of the Joeys to get built up and head out the door was a Joey Explore 27 for Tuan. Check it out here: [vimeo][/vimeo] Here's my Joey hanging out back of the shop:

I Love this Bike!

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