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COVID-19 Response

See our latest COVID-19 Response HERE

We know that cycling is a safe mode of transportation during this crisis. We also know that we need practice social distancing. Toward that end, we have implemented the following changes to our business:

'No-Touch' Bicycle Service Drop-Off
Repairs and tunes will continue without you entering the shop. Fill out this form below to give mechanics information about your service needs. Bring your bicycle to the front door of the shop, and knock or give a call. Staff will meet you at door to take your bicycle after you step away. The mechanic will follow up with a phone call after they've looked over your bicycle to discuss service. No work will begin until you've approved it.

'No-Touch' Merchandise Pick-up
The majority of our merchandise in on our website and may be purchased online and picked up at the front door. If you need assistance, give a call at (612) 827-8000 or use online chat.

Free shipping for qualifying orders over $100
Order online and have merchandise delivered.

Limited Entry
The shop back door and Dunn Bros. entry are locked.

Reduced Hours
We are open 10am to 6pm every day.

Filling this out will streamline you drop-off. Bicycle Service Drop-Off Form