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Momentum Fashion Show

Interbike is a North American Bicycle Industry Trade Show that takes place every year. It has been located in Las Vegas for the past several years (you know...cycling...Las's a no-brainer : ( Whatever! I'm going to be there even if sin city is the location of choice). This year the show was spiced up a fair bit by the reality that urban bike culture and practical cycling essentials (like a rack and a grocery pannier!) have become a viable segment of the industry sales. This is a sign of hope (for the industry and the world). Momentum is a fun, hip magazine that focuses on North America's Urban Cycling Culture. This year at Interbike Momentum put on a Cycling Fashion Show. This was a highlite for us as the people at Momentum put on a fantastic show that was a blast to watch. Very upbeat and inspirational. Here is a video of the Momentum Fashion Show:
You can see more pictures of the event and see what brands were represented on Momentum's website here.
I also created a video of the event. I hesitate to show it because the video above is cool and very professional (and cost several thousand dollars). Mine is not professional, nor cool. Being that I bill out my time at about $8.00 an hour and my camera and mac's are always purchased as outdated (used) equipment, the value on my video is about $6.00.
Oh well. Enjoy it for what it is. Me at my very first Fashion Show of any type. I had a blast! Thanks Momentum
[flv width="320" height="280"][/flv]
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