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New & Improved for 2009

Spring is Here

Spring is here! (Well, it's closer...)

It was a big winter at the shop. It's been a fun off-season and we've added some great new products that we're all excited about. And we've snapped up the shop a bit, too. Good stuff all around and we're ready for spring! THE SPACE: Check out our fresh, shiny floors. Hardwood floors are awesome, but they do require some elbow grease now and again. We refinished the floors and gave them a new glossy coat this January. We also added some new lights to brighten up the long winter nights. Don't worry, it's still a nice warm light in the shop, just a few more watts to admire the details on the new Arkel bags. collage-2-copy_23RANS Hammertruck CARGO BIKES: We are adding three models of cargo bikes for '09: the Surly Big Dummy, the RANS Hammertruck and the Larry vs. Harry Bullitt. These three models are phenomenal products and will go a long way for the serious commuter. Civia HylandCivia Loring COMMUTERS: Expanding on our success with folding bikes, we are adding more commuting minded bikes this year. Specifically designed to be comfortable, yet speedy these bicycles that will handle Minneapolis weather and daily use. Civia Cycles are an American, high-tech take on an old-world, Amsterdam-style commuting bike. The Hyland and the Loring are both beautiful bicycles, and now available at Perennial Cycle. Civia accessories and parts are also available. They make awesome racks and fenders.

Nutcase Helmets are trés fun.

HELMETS: Nutcase helmets are urban helmets with hip, colorful designs. No reason you have to look like a roadie, if you're not!
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