Xtracycle FlightDeck 20 LT1 Zoom

Xtracycle FlightDeck 2.0 (LT1)

This is the new(er) FlightDeck that incorporates ports for Yepp seats (no need for Easy Fit Adapter!) This deck will fit on all EdgeRunners and FreeRadicals from the 2014 model year or older (LT1). If you're getting a new Xtracycle, it already comes with the new FlightDeck (LT2), so don't worry about it. If you're outfitting an older bike with child seats (Hooptie, Yepp seats, MagicCarpet, etc) get this one! It's upgraded from the old-old version by addition of screw-holes and port cut-outs for the Yepp seats. This deck requires Superhooks, so get some! They say you can use just four or all eight, but just install all eight! It's not that much work, really.

Pardon all the parentheses, here's a rundown of what you will or won't still need after getting this:
  • You will need Superhooks! They are not included.
  • If installing Yepp Maxi's, you now have everything you need!
  • If installing Hooptie, you need the Hooptie Retrofit Kit.
  • If installing MagicCarpet, you're all set!
  • You still need to buy Superhooks if you don't have some already.
  • SnapDeck is a no-go. It's one or the other.

The FlightDeck 2.0 is made of heavy duty black HDPE, which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled other-stuff. It's cut from the same stuff as those thick plastic cutting boards. Very tough, outside-proof, will last longer than us.

FlightDeck 2.0 has "Xtracycle" engraved on the bow-end. The old one doesn't. If yours has the engraving, then you're gravy, but thanks for reading! Go move some kids, or furniture!
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Xtracycle FlightDeck [LT1 v2]

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type Cargo Deck
Brand Xtracycle


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