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Brompton Decals

At Perennial Cycle, we offer an array of Brompton accessories that are specially designed to fit your needs. Be it an absolute necessity or just a guilty pleasure, we make sure to provide all the accessories for your Brompton folding bike under the same roof. No matter if you’re a daily commuter, an adventure lover or a city explorer, these accessories for Brompton will surely make your life on the bike easier.

For instance, John who lives in NYC loves to ride his Brompton M6L before taking a subway to the office on the first floor. He discovered a Leather Carry Handle is an extremely convenient way to carry his bike, in case the lift is a bit crowded. Another practical accessory John loves is his bike bag. Perfect for carrying his laptop and basic stationery.

Now Bromptons are known to be extremely reliable but they are not invincible. Carry a handy tool kit that fits perfectly under the rim for a quick fix if your ride ever gives you trouble and perfectly invisible to troublemakers.

If you’re looking for Brompton bike accessories you will never fall short of choices at Perennial Cycle.