Brompton service at Perennial Cycle in Minneapolis

Bicycle Tune-ups

For recreational riders, we recommend a tune-up annually. For folks who put on a lot of miles or ride in rain and snow, we recommend a tune-up (or overhaul) and a drivetrain cleaning annually. For details and pricing, visit see Tuning & Maintenance.

Various Repairs and Services

We offer a wide variety of a-la-carte services ranging from small repairs and accessory installation to custom wheel builds and drivetrain conversions.

Dynamo Lighting Systems

We’re the best-equipped shop in the region to outfit your bike with bright lights that never need to be charged. We keep dozens of generator hubs and dynamo lights in stock to complete your project quickly! Did you know you can charge many kinds of electronic devices using a dynamo hub?

Custom Wheel Builds

We’re fully equipped to build your custom wheels, especially with uncommon rim sizes, dynamo hubs, internally-geared hubs, or for special applications. We cut spokes in-house with a Phil Wood spoke cutting and thread-rolling machine to turn around custom orders quickly.

Brompton Experts

Whether you’re looking for a new Brompton, need repairs, or want to upgrade or customize your Brommie, we’ve got you covered. We stock hundreds of Brompton parts and accessories, and have the most experienced Brompton mechanics in the midwest.

Cargo Bike Lifestyle

Wanna carry things? People? We stock many accessories and parts for our Yuba, Xtracycle, and Surly cargo bikes, plus Burley cargo and child trailers. We can answer questions about compatibility, and can create solutions to your cargo quandaries.

Internally-Geared Hubs

We’re equipped to install and service all types of internally-geared hubs, including Rohloff Speedhub, Shimano Alfine/Nexus, Sturmey Archer, and SRAM. We can do in-depth overhauls of many hubs in-house, or ship your hub to an authorized service center for major repairs.

BionX and Bosch E-Bike Installation and Service

Want to go cover more ground more easily? We regularly convert many types of bikes and trikes to use the BionX electric motor assist system. We also offer diagnostics and warranty support for BionX, Bosch, and Faraday.

Winter Maintenance Membership

Let us take care of your winter bike and keep it running smoothly all winter long! Once you’re enrolled, stop in up to once a week to have your bike cleaned, lubed, and adjusted while you wait.