1. Service Loaners -Tern Short Haul

    Tern Short Haul Cargo Bikes -Perennial Service Loaner

    When you make a service appointment, the last question is if you would like a loaner bike while your bike is in the shop for service. The fee is $25, which covers the time from you dropping off your bike to the day after we contact you to say that your bike is ready for pickup.
    The bikes in our Service Loaner program are Tern Short Hauls. These are very versatile mid-tail cargo bikes that we think you'll like a lot.

    The bike will come with:
    - dynamo lights (front & rear)
    - rear rack w/bungee chord
    - one large pannier
    - frame lock w/extension chain
    - fenders
    - kickstand

    The Short Haul is a very capable utility bike. The rear rack can accept either a Yepp Maxi Easy Fit child seat or a Yepp Nexxt Maxi child seat. The single pannier is a 37 liter Cargo Hold 37.

    If you are not able to return the bike the day of, or the day after we let you know your bike is ready, you will be charged $25/day until returned.
    Lost key fee is $10.

    Treat this bike it is your own:
    YOU are responsible for this bike while it is in your possession. The bike has some anti-theft features like a seat leash, frame lock (to secure the front wheel) and a chain that integrates to the frame lock, but these items do not guarantee that the bike (or parts) will not be stolen. We do not have insurance that will cover theft from you, so understand that you will be responsible to pay for this bike if it's stolen or vandalized.
    If you get a flat tire, you will need to pay for the tube (& possibly the tire), though we will cover the labor...
    Dirty bikes will be assessed a $25 minimum cleaning fee.

  2. Join Us for a Cargo Bike Webinar

    Thursday, January 12th, 2023 from 6:00 - 6:45 pm with guest presenter Lindsey
    Monday, January 30th, 2023   from 5:30 - 6:15 pm with guest presenter Emma
    Sunday, February 26th, 2023  from 2:00 - 2:45pm with guest presenter Patrick

    These webinars will make shopping for a cargo bike fun.
    A little education can take a lot of the stress out of the equation and make the process all about the years of joy that this purchase will bring you.

    Luke is hosting 45-minute info sessions detailing things that you'll need to know to get started in the world of cargo bikes. Topics covered will include: front vs. rear loading bikes, brand differences, e-assist options, child-carrying 101, an overview of accessories and transportation options. We're offering a mix of dates and times to help you wedge us into your busy lives. The three sessions are the same, and during each webinar we'll have a guest presenter who will discuss how they utilize cargo bikes in their day-to-day life. There will be time for Q & A so please bring your inquiries!

    About the host:

    "I own Perennial Cycle and have been excited about all the things that cargo bikes can do for a household as well as a business a long time.
    In this webinar I will do my very best to educate you in regards to the various types of cargo bikes that are available and why certain riders would consider purchasing a certain type of cargo bike.
    There will also be a guest presenter at each webinar. The guests are cargo bike users that will talk about how and why they use cargo bikes.
    There will be plenty of time for Q & A with the guest presenter as well as with me."

    Luke Breen

    About the presenters:

    Lindsey is on her 4th year as a cargo bike rider. Her first being a longtail cargo e-bike, and the second an Urban Arrow purchased from Perennial with a growing family in mind.

    Emma is a proud suburban rider, enjoying her Urban Arrow with two children.

    Patrick is a lover of all things cycling in the urban landscape. He's the director of 30 Days of Biking as well as the facilitator of the Joyful Riders Club.

    Click here to register on Eventbrite.

  3. Add Dynamo Lighting to a Tern Short Haul

    The Tern Short Haul is a well designed, versatile utility bike that punches well above its weight class. We like the bike for its ability to be a do-it-all bike. Whether you're taking a 2 year old to preschool in a child seat, getting 4 bags of groceries using Tern Cargo Hold 37 panniers or heading out for a weekend bike camping trip, the Short Haul is up to the task.
    Adding dynamo lights to the Short Haul is a great way to make it a ready-for-anything commuter. The lights are powered by the front dynamo hub, so you never need to wonder if your batteries are charged. Also, the lights are less prone to theft due to being hard mounted onto the bike. Just start rolling, hit the power button (on your front light) and you're lit up ahead and from behind.

    Our dynamo light kit for the Short Haul is a complete kit for adding dynamo lighting to your Short Haul. When you see the product on our website (HERE) a default kit is chosen that includes an adequate set of lights for city use. If you want to use a more powerful front or rear light you have many to choose from in the options.
    Adding brighter lights would be a good idea if you ride trails with no street lights, or if you have stretches of downhill where you want to go faster than 15 MPH.
    All of our lights have a stand light. So when you are stopped, both the front and rear light stay lit for several minutes.

    These are the FRONT LIGHTS you can select within options:

    • B & M Myc T Senso is our default light for this kit. It is a great value and bright enough for city use at 50 Lux -- the recommended minimum for night riding.

    • B & M Eyc T Senso is a compact little light that packs a decent sized punch. Like the Myc T Senso, it is rated at 50 Lux; but from our tests, it's just slightly brighter. It's also our lightest weight dynamo light.

    • B & M Q-XS is an 80 Lux light in an aluminum body that diffuses the heat very well. This is bright enough for a trail with no street lighting or flying down a hill at 25mph+.

    • B & M Cyo T Senso Plus is also 80 Lux and from measurement in the dynamo lab, this is the best in class in regard to the brightness/efficiency ratio. Also of note: the Cyo T has a dial switch, which is very intuitive.

    • B & M IQ-X is our go-to for someone looking for the brightest dynamo light available. The 100 lux is 100% capable of safely lighting your way across Minnesota on gravel roads in complete darkness.

    • Schmidt Edelux is nearly as bright as the IQ-X at 90 Lux and is our most weatherproof dynamo light. This light is as durable and long lasting as it is beautiful.

    These are the REAR LIGHTS you can choose from in options:

    • Toplight Mini Plus is our default with this kit because it's a great value. It is simple with a single LED that spreads a beam across the reflector making it appear to be brighter than expected.

    • Toplight Line Plus is slightly larger with 4 super bright LED's that result in added visibility from all angles. Two lights face the rear while another flanks each side.

    • Line Plus Pulse is the same size and brightness as the Line Plus, but more impressive. Using the added speed sensor, this light brightens & pulses during deceleration.

    • Schmidt Rear Rack Mount is a sleek light in a lovely and durable all-weather aluminum casing. This is the most minimalistic option.

    Worth mentioning: The total amount shown on the listing includes the price of the default-chosen lights. When selecting upgraded options from the drop-down list, the new price reflects the selected light MINUS the price of the default light.

  4. Perennial Cycle's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

    We chose, so you don't have to.

    It's holiday season once again! As usual, we've prepared a gift guide to aid you on your way. Any one of these gifts would be sure to please even the pickiest of cyclists. And if you really can't decide, Gift Cards can be purchased in-store or online. Happy Holidays, and happy shopping!

    1. Spurcycle Compact Bell: The Spurcycle bell (or its big brother) seems to make it onto every single gift guide we make. It looks good, it’s well made, and it’s LOUD. And what more could you want in a bell? 
    2. Carradice Twiston Tool Roll: Whether you prefer the road, the trails or the route to work, every cyclist needs a tool roll. The Twiston is hand-made in the UK from Carradice’s signature waxed canvas. It’s durable and water-resistant, with plenty of space for the basics. 
    3. PDW Sparrow Water Bottle Cage: Our friends at Portland Design Works made this for you to be-wing your ride and take flight. Holds a metal bottle as well as it holds a plastic one. Put a bird on it!
    4. Carradice Bingley Bag: This versatile little friend can be mounted on your handlebars or saddle tabs, or worn on the belt or shoulder (with the included strap). Crafted by hand from premium materials, like all Carradice goods. 
    5. Thousand Climate Collection Helmet: Safety: a gift for you as much as for them! Keep your loved one’s noggin intact with the most fashionable helmet on the market in lovely earth tones. 
    6. Linus Bolga Rear Basket: Think of the things they’ll carry! Certainly a cell phone, a purse, but what about a baguette? A bouquet of fresh flowers? A fairly small dog? It’s not just a basket; it’s also a lifestyle. 
    7. Perennial Cycle T-Shirt: Gift a Perennial T-Shirt because you like us, and your friends like us too. 
    8. Buff Lightweight Merino Wool Neckwear: Every cyclist in Minnesota needs a buff. In cool weather, it’s a neck gaiter or beanie for a touch of extra warmth. When the temperature plunges, it’s a balaclava, and in a pinch, it’s even a face mask! In the summer, it’s a tube top if ya nasty. 
    9. Souma Leather Handlebar Bag for Brompton: This one’s for the Brompton owners out there. This bag works with all Brompton handlebar types, and the snap closure faces the rider for easy access. Its waterproof full-grain leather will patina beautifully over time. 
    10. Soma Woodie 11 Multi Tool: This is another Perennial Gift Guide mainstay, with eleven different chrome-vanadium steel tools in a lovely wood casing. Nothing beats a multi-tool for those on trail adjustments.
    11. Soma Sutro Fog Cycling Cap: Now in Perennial green! Soma, are you trying to tell us something? Cycling caps make great stocking stuffers, by the way. 
    12. Perennial Cycle Gift Card: The best gift of all is an excuse to shop. 
    13. Thousand Bullitt Gloves: Someone in your life definitely needs vintage-inspired cowhide leather cycling gloves in the style of Steve McQueen. We don’t know who, but it’s someone. 
    14. PDW Ergonomic Cork Grips: Handsome and comfortable, these ergonomically-shaped cork grips lock securely to your handlebars and provide hours of riding comfort.   
    15. Abus Bordo Big High Security Lock: Abus folding locks offer the security of a U-lock with the flexibility of a chain. The Bordo Big is oversized to meet all your locking needs, for any weird parking situation you encounter.