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Kool-Stop Tire Bead Jack

Kool-Stop's Tire Bead Jack helps you easily pull a tight tire bead (that LAST little arc that you are cursing right now) over a wheel rim. It totally eliminates the need for a tire lever ....or whatever toe-straps you are rigging up to get that tire on... and the risk of piercing a tube. Perennial Cycle shop-approved!
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Additional Info

Material Plastic
brand Kool-Stop


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Save your thumbs!!Review by Karl
5 5 Save your thumbs!!

This thing is so simple and it works so well! One end rests on the far side of the rim for a fulcrum, and the hook end helps you apply force in a very controlled manner to mount stiff tires on tight rims without all the cursing and bleeding that might otherwise result. It's not a complete replacement for proper technique (getting the tire bead down in the deep spot at the center of the rim to create slack), but it really takes the thumb exercise out of the equation. It's also way better than using a tire lever to install a tire, which has a tendency to pinch your tube and force you to start all over again. Since the Bead Jack doesn't reach inside the tire, it poses no danger to your tube whatsoever!

-Karl ➢ mechanic at Perennial Cycle

(Posted on 2/5/2018)

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