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Flat Fix (Tube/Tire Install)

Whether you’d like to have a set of new tires installed (yay!) or you need a flat fixed (bummer, we know), our tube/tire install will get you taken care of.

We pride ourselves on having one of the largest tube and tire selections around. We stock 12" balance bike tubes and tires, 16–24" sizes for folders and smaller frames in a variety of ISOs, common 26" and 700c sizes, plus odd sizes for older Schwinns and randonneuring bikes and even Fat Bike tubes.

This service covers labor for one wheel. Find pricing and available sizes for our generic Q-Tubes and top-quality Schwalbe tubes here. Browse tires here.

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What to Expect from the Perennial Service Team

Bring your bike in any time; there’s no need for an appointment for a flat fix or a tire replacement.

When you arrive with your bike(s) or trike(s), we’ll provide you with an estimate for a tube and/or tire install, including the cost of a replacement tube, rim strip, or tire where applicable. Most flat-fixes can be performed on-the-spot while you wait or have a cup of coffee next door, but in rare cases, we may ask you to return later that day or evening to pick up the completed repair if the shop is particularly busy.

What if I’d like to fix my flat at home?

Awesome! Count on us to get you the supplies you need. If this is your first flat fix, you’ll need a few things in addition to a tube or patch kit: a tire lever (or a few, depending on your technique) to remove your existing tire and a pump to reinflate your tire when you’re finished.

In order to purchase the correct tube the first time, check your existing tire for a diameter (this could be in inches or millimeters: 20", 24", 700c, etc.) and width (again, look for in. or mm: 1-3/8" or 25, 40, etc.). If you have 16, 20, 24,26, or 28" tires, the BEST way to ensure you get the correct size is to only look for a size in millimeters. For a Brompton with a 16" tire, that will read like this: 35-349. Finally, check the valve of your tube to see if it is a Presta Valve (these are skinny and must be screwed open and closed regardless of whether they have a cap attached) or a Schrader Valve (these are wider and appear the same as the valves on a car’s tires). We’ll want to know these three things to get you the size you need (e.g. 700 x 35, presta).

Photo by Lee Russell, 1938. Courtesy of the Library of Congress, LC-USF33-011659-M1


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