Boxing & Shipping

Box and Ship your bike or trike at Perennial Cycle in Minneapolis.

Our service team will box and ship almost any bike or trike — be it a standard-sized bicycle, a tiny folding bike, or a larger cargo bike, recumbent, or ebike.

black and white photo of men working with cardboard boxes

Whether you’re moving or heading for a blow-out bike vacation, we use a mix of USPS, UPS, and freight shipments to get your bike just where its needed, and we never charge you more for shipping than our shipping partners charge us.

Our Box and Ship service includes a fixed labor charge for boxing that varies by bike type, paid in advance:

Boxing Rates (shipping not included)

These prices include labor, boxes, and packing materials. If you have a box you would like us to use to ship your bike, you are welcome to bring it in with you.

Brompton Folding Bike, $30

Folding Bike (16" or 20" wheels), $40

Standard Upright or Large Folding Bike, $50

Recumbent or Folding Trike, $70

Standard Trike, $90

EBike or Cargo Bike, $90

Unusual Bike or Trike, TBD

Shipping Partners

Once your bike or trike is boxed and ready to ship, we calculate the shipping rate based on size and weight and bill you the same fee our shipping partners quote us for your shipment. We receive daily pick-ups from USPS and UPS and schedule freight pick-ups as needed. Whatever type of bike you need boxed and shipped, there’s no need for an appointment. Let us know if you’d like your shipment to arrive during a specific time window and we’ll work with you to make it happen. Please plan ahead during the busiest summer months. We’re always happy to provide an approximation of current turn-around time by phone, 612-827-8000.

While we handle the boxing and shipping of a large assortment of bikes and trikes we are not 100%. We occasionally have to turn away bikes that we do not have appropriate box sizes to accommodate.

Photo by John Vachon, 1940. Courtesy the Library of Congress, LC-USF34-060526-D