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Schmidt Coaxial Cable [Priced Per Foot]

Schmidt's heavy coaxial wire, as used for their E6 and Edelux headlights, has become our go-to wiring for all dynamo lighting setups. Previously, we carried both single and double strands of standard wiring and used a separate sheath to protect the wiring from the elements. For the most durable connections and the best-looking installations, though, it has to be Schmidt Coaxial Cable.

Priced at $1.25 per foot (1 foot = 30.48 cm). Choose the number of feet* you'll need using the length drop-down below. 

We can finish the ends with Schmift or Busch & Müller connectors (w/shrink tubing). After you choose a length you'll have an option for WIRE ENDS. If you have questions about this contact us.

Hub dynamos offer a very reliable lighting solution, and this hub dynamo, specifically adapted for the Brompton by Shimano, offers very good performance at a keen price. 

SIZE: 16"/349mm ISO
SPOKES: Stainless Steel Spokes
HUB: Shimano Dyno Hub, rim strip included
SPACING: 74mm Axle spacing
INCLUDED: Allen key axle skewer & Brompton washers
RIM: Double-walled Brompton rim

This kit contains a front wheel with a Shimano Dynamo Hub as well as Brompton's axle fasteners for dyno front-hubs, rim strip and Shimano wire connector.

If you'd like to order a complete dynamo lighting kit for your Brompton (all models), choose the wiring kit plus a front & rear light. That will include everything needed.

This Brompton Dynamo wheel uses the SON XS-NEW dynamo hub, stainless steel butted straight pull spokes and Brompton's double-walled aluminum rim. The SON XS-NEW is Schmidt's latest and highest quality dynamo hub. It is smaller and lighter than the SONdelux as well as the SON 28, owing it's minimal weight to the spherical housing and reduced flange diameter.
Beyond that, the SON XS-NEW is also advanced technically: the new bodies have lateral slots instead of spoke holes. The straight pull spokes are placed into the slots and make the wheel elegant and durable simply because there is no bending moment in the spoke elbow.
The new hubs are 40 grams lighter than the previous (ultra-light) XS models and the new hub surface is machined beautifully.

If you'd like to order a complete dynamo lighting kit for your Brompton (all models), choose the wiring kit plus a front & rear light from options below. That will include everything needed to build your own custom dynamo lightset for Brompton.

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Schmidt Heavy Duty Coaxial Dynamo Wire

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Additional Info

Brand Schmidt
Type Dynamo Mounts+Hrdwre


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