Eazy Wheel Set w Fittings - 5mm or 6mm Zoom

Eazy Wheel 6mm Set w/ Fittings

While the current Roller Wheels that come stock on Bromptons are much improved over the pre-2016 plastic cups, we at Perennial Cycle we are still big fans of Eazy Wheels (the OG roller wheel upgrade). Eazy Wheels are a slightly larger diameter, have a true cassette bearing in them and are just soft enough to absorb the bumps when rolling the bike on a sidewalk or rough pavement.
If you have a rack on your bike, we consider these a "must have".

5 & 6mm is referring to the size of the bolt that secures the Eazy Wheel:
- 6mm is the current size for both the rack and the frame mounting position, so if you have a rack you will need 2 pair of these.
- 5mm is the size that were used on Brompton Racks produced before 2017. If your R-Version Brompton (a Brompton with a rear rack) is a 2016 or older, you would need one pair of 5mm + one pair of 6mm Eazy Wheels.

If you're looking for the current roller set that come stock on Brompton click below:
L Version Bikes
R Version Bikes

Download Brompton's Instructions HERE.

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Eazy Wheel Set w/ Fittings - 5mm or 6mm

Brompton Part number: 9003303; 9003297
Brompton Part code: QEZW-M6; QEZW-M5
UPC: 5053099003303, 5053099003297

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