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Almanzo: A Sustainability Plan


I was out on an extended ride to work on Wednesday in hopes of building a bit more confidence for tomorrow's Almanzo (too late for my legs, but not too late for my head) and I realized that as great as a "keep it simple" approach to Almanzo race management is, this is likely to cost Chris (and family) a 5 figure sum of money. For say... $12/rider, I can't imagine a better run event for a massive group of people, but at over 1,000 riders that's adding up to an amount that few families could swallow year after year.

Is it time (or even possible) to come up with an unofficial sponsor plan? I think it is.

Shops that are within 100 miles of Spring Valley are all hearing about customers prepping for Almanzo. Prepping means riding their bikes and doing stuff that keeps us in business. Cool. I'm thinking $250 is an amount that would reasonable. Is someone from the shop riding Almanzo? How about sending a check to "Skogen" with them so they can drop it in the bucket before the race.

Racers can help by tossing $10 in the bucket. If that hurts, how about a fiver? I'm quite certain that any amount would help.

Many manufacturers are grabbing at the awesomeness of Almanzo. This is smart of them. Like the bike shops and the riders, they too should add some $$ to the bucket. Not being a manufacturer, this is a difficult one for me to put a dollar amount on. Maybe $250 for those on the fringes and up to a sweet grand if you are developing high-end products specifically marketed to gravel grinders. I'm open to suggestion here.

Local businesses that gain from the Almanzo: In my view this group gets a pass on the money, but we all count on them heavily to strongly support Almanzo from a neighbor, city and county level.

Another point worth mentioning is that it takes a lot of effort setting up the event and then a large day-of team of volunteers. Reaching out to be a worker-bee for  the event would likely be very, very helpful.

This stream of consciousness-type plan may be worth less than the pixels you're staring at, but I think a discussion about the reality of this event is healthy and necessary. None of the numbers are real, but my own guesstimations. And BTW, no one loves riding Almanzo as much as myself. Look for me to be dropping my check in the bucket before the race tomorrow. I'm certain I will be smiling, though I should probably be nervous about the ride...