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  • Feb 14 2019

    Special Edition: 2019 CHPT3

    The next evolution of the collaboration between Brompton and David Millar’s CHPT3

    Are you looking for the hottest Brompton ever made? There's no doubt that the CHPT3 is going to win a lot of votes in that contest and... well, I did buy a 2018 CHPT3 myself, so you know it wins my vote.

    From the CHPT3 press release*:
    Everything about the new Brompton X CHPT3 has been designed with style and substance but also weight reduction in mind. Textured matte black titanium rear frame and forks, complement the fire red front frame and reduce weight over a standard Brompton – tipping the scales at only 10.3kg overall. The design philosophy continues within the black componentry, race-tuned suspension by David Millar himself, Schwalbe One tan-wall tyres and Fabric Scoop saddle, carrying the Devesa print pattern of CHPT3’s home town of Girona. All parts selected for performance and lightness, yet durable and comfortable for day to day city riding and carving out new routes.

    Fabric Scoop Saddle
    Offering exceptional performance and designed to suit your riding style. Extremely light, durable yet comfortable, the Fabric Scoop is designed exclusively for Brompton and features the Devesa print, inspired by the home of CHPT3, Girona.

    Fabric Slim Grips
    Stay in control with the lightest lock-on grip in the world. Dual texture kraton rubber sleeve, in red and black, over a perforated lightweight core. Maximum grip with or without gloves.

    Schwalbe One Folding Tire
    The fastest tires ever made for a Brompton. The new 35mm Schwalbe One offers low rolling resistance while retaining a high level of puncture protection by utilizing extremely cut-resistant high-tech fibre. The stunning Tan wall color sets off the unique CHPT3 look.

    Suspension for SPEED
    The extra firm rear suspension block paired with the Schwalbe One tyre provides sharp, responsive rider feel. Ideal for carving up the city streets with precision.

    CHPT3 Looks!
    Textured matte black titanium rear frame and front fork. Light, fast and durable. Complimented perfectly by CHPT3’s signature fire red on the front frame.

    The CHPT3 has many amazing features, yet at the core is the ever amazing Brompton Folding Bike

    Ready to Order?

    Brompton is only manufacturing 1,000 CHPT3's for the globe. If you want one of them, now is the time.
    BUY NOW!

    Superlight (Titanium) Details:
    For a few months now, Brompton has not been offering Superlight Bikes as an option. Titanium is difficult to source and it also challenges the manufacturing crew. At the moment Brompton is not saying that Superlights will be available at any time in the future. IF you want a titanium Brompton, I'd recommend that you get yourself a CHPT3 as the future of titanium Brompton bikes will continue to be a challenge for Brompton.
    If you are looking to make the CHPT3 a better commuter, we'd recommend adding fenders and a front bag as well as dynamo lighting (or at least USB lights). These items are all options on our CHPT3 product page.
    The CHPT3 is available from Brompton with the only options being seatpost length (standard, extended or telescopic), so any upgrades or modifications will be handled by our expert Brompton technicians.
    At Perennial Cycle, we are Brompton specialists with a lot of Brompton super-users on staff. Let us know if you have any questions.
    Call: 612-827-8000 | email
    Yes, we will mailorder you a CHPT3 if you live in the US. Shipping's a little extra to Alaska or Hawaii, but pretty reasonable all across the board. All bike's being shipped out first get fully assembled and test ridden by a Brompton Technician, then the bike is boxed for shipping. We expect you to be riding within 20 minutes of receiving the bike (and that's giving you plenty of time to be very deliberate and thoughtful about the process). If you have any questions along the way, feel free to give us a call: 612-827-8000.

    *Full Press Release Here

  • Oct 03 2013

    What Makes a Brompton Superlight a Superlight?

    Brompton Superlight with S Bag with Hose Flap

    Ever since becoming a Brompton dealer, we have seen great value in superlight models and have always made them available to customers as a part of our Brompton inventory. You may have heard them referred to as "Titanium Bromptons," "Ti Bromptons," "Superlights" as above, or "X-Models." All of these refer to the same product — Brompton's superlight frame option. At the start of this year we received several superlight bikes in various configurations, including all three of our standard handlebar types and a variety of colors.

    For 2013, we also added a third bike to our demo lineup: an S2L-X that was later transformed into an even lighter S2E-X when Luke travelled to England for the Brompton World Championship. Several of you have test-ridden our new demo and all agree: the S2 is a very zippy Brommie! With more and more Brompton riders gaining interest in Brompton racing, Superlight Bromptons are more popular than ever. Of course when it's not race day, one of the superlight's main advantages is not in riding it but in the moments you need to carry it. Going up a flight of stairs or through the airport with your Brompton in tow is all that much easier with a superlight bike.

    But just what makes a Brompton Superlight so very super? And just how light is it? You'll find the answers to those questions and more below.

    The following components on a Brompton Superlight or "X" model differ from a standard Steel Brompton. These changes combined contribute to a weight savings of 1.63 pounds (.74 kg) on any given Brompton.

    Titanium Brompton Superlight Explained

    1 - Aluminum Headset

    2 - Xtra-Light Front Hub (not only lighter than Brompton's standard front hub, this is a sealed cartridge bearing hub, a big step up from their standard cup and cone hub) built into the front wheel, along with butted spokes for additional weight savings***

    3 - Titanium Front Fork

    4 - Titanium Front Mudguard Stays

    5 - Titanium Rear Frame

    6 - Titanium Rear Mudguard Stays

    7 - No pump is supplied with a Superlight bike

    What parts of a 2013 superlight bike are steel?

    Two key parts: the Main Frame including the stem riser (both painted) and the seatpost.

    Why Titanium?

    While not as stiff as steel, titanium is equally strong and weighs about 50% less, all of which adds up to mean that Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ration of any metal. Brompton has long seen its advantages, as has our favorite touring rack manufacturer, Tubus.

    Titanium has excellent resistance to corrosion; it won't rust. This makes it a great choice for all-weather riders and those who bike in areas where roads are salted in the cold months.

    Because of its corrosion resistance, titanium doesn't need to be painted — and, we might add, the silvery-grey color of the raw metal is very attractive.

    As a West London-based manufacturer, Brompton has one more thing in coming with the metal we call "Ti" for short: both have English roots! Titanium was first discovered in Cornwall, in South West England, in 1791 by William Gregor.

    Is it possible to B-Spoke order a Superlight Bike?

    While it is usually possible to B-Spoke (custom-) order a Superlight Brompton, as of September 2, 2013, Brompton is not taking any new orders for Superlight bikes. (Should that change, we'll post an update here.) Many of our stock-superlights have already gone out the door, but we still have Brompton Superlights available for purchase. You can see a selection of our in-stock Superlight Bromptons here. Except where noted, all of the bikes listed on our website are in-stock and ready to ship to your door. Each has a front wheel built with the Brompton Xtra-Light Front Hub.

    I have a standard, steel Brompton. What else might save weight?

    Standard reflectors and battery lights are lighter than a dynamo lighting system

    Single-speeds, 2-speeds, and 3-speeds will be lighter than 6-speeds

    E-Version bikes without mudguards will be slightly lighter than L-Version bikes

    E-Version and L-Version bikes will be lighter than R-Version bikes fitted with a rear rack

    Standard or Extended Seatposts are lighter than a Telescopic Seatpost

    Brompton Kevlar tires and Schwalbe Kojaks save weight over Schwalbe Marathon tires

    The S Type is lighter than the M, H, or P Type

    Standard rollers marginally save weight over Eazy Wheels

    Saddles, in order of lightest to heaviest: B Saddle < B17 S Special < B17 Special

    Some Brompton owners choose to retro-fit superlight parts, like the Xtra Light Front Wheel, to an all-steel Brompton

    Carry only the necessities in your Brompton luggage

    Ride your Brompton every day!

    If you're interested in purchasing (or simply test riding) a Ti-Brompton, stop in any time or order online now. We ship Brompton bikes on a regular basis to U.S.-based Brompton enthusiasts and Brompton fans abroad. Shipping in the continental USA is just $35-40. International shipping quotes are available upon request.

    ***Since the publication of this post, Brompton has had some stocking issues with the Superlight front hub. As a result, not every Ti bike will ship with a Superlight front hub. To compensate, Brompton (and we at Perennial Cycle) has reduced the price of all bikes that ship without a Superlight front hub. These bikes will still feature butted spokes in their wheel builds but will use the standard Brompton front hub, unless a dynamo hub is fitted. If you are interested in ordering a specific in-stock Brompton and are curious about what type of front hub it features, please call us at 612-827-8000.

  • Aug 06 2010

    Wooden Seat on a Giro 26!

    A local big miles rider was in this week and when we noticed his new wooden seat we all fell in love. Nice work Gary. This was his practice model and he had another shaped "blank" that would become his new seat after he works out any glitches with the one pictured.

    He integrated a sweet bag carrying system as well. Easier to get at than an under-seat rack, but also keeping the weight well forward of the rear axle. Very nice.

    It's pretty obvious that Gary's a high mileage rider that is willing to put some thought and energy into perfecting things for his commute. Here are some pictures of his bike.

  • Aug 24 2009

    Bacchetta Bella ATT is on Tour

    Bacchetta Bella ATT

    Bacchetta Bella ATT features a fully triangulated frame

    The Bella ATT is the new touring bike in the Bacchetta lineup. As an avid cycle tourist, I was excited to test this new ride. The design features a long, low, fully triangulated aluminum "truss" frame that will hold up to a hefty load and still remain stiff. I found the stiffness of the frame made for an efficient and speedy ride. The frame is plenty long to absorb road shock. And when the road gets extra rough, the cushy Recurve seat will take care of that harshness extremely well.

    The pedal height is perfect for a touring recumbent. They're high enough that I can tip the seat to a fairly laid back position, yet low enough to make starts and stops a breeze. Being able to lay back the seat is critical to being able to comfortably pedal the bike all day long. If you can't lay the seat back, then you end up sitting too upright (on all your weight). This is fine if you're sitting down for lunch, but a real pain for extended periods. You need to be able to distribute your weight between your bottom and back for maximum comfort. We call this cradling and it'll make all the difference on longer rides.

    Fast and Smooth! Bacchetta Bella ATT
    Fast and smooth, the Bacchetta Bella ATT

    Touring bikes (recumbent and upright) tend to be extremely versatile bikes. They are designed to carry a lot of gear and tend to have smart componentry suited to every day wear and tear (no matter what the weather is). I'd give Bella ATT designer Mark Colliton high marks on his new bike. The spec of the Bella ATT is fantastic and the frame design will allow a large load of up to 300 Lbs. (rider plus gear!). The Bella ATT will handle loaded touring with ease and the comfortable ergonomics will help the rider get in days and days (or weeks and weeks) of great touring. The seat height and pedal height set up the rider for a comfy fit, but it's really the stem and bars that finish off the fit so well. All Long Wheelbase bikes require large steering adjustments at slow speeds (6 mph or less). Colliton designed an ergonomic stem and handlebar combination that put your wrists in a natural position, allowing some slow speed steering adjustments with slight wrist movement. This makes for a much more stable feel at low speeds.  The B-Pivot riser clamp allows us to easily adjust bar position for a vast range of bodies.

    I think the stiff frame, ultra comfortable seat and great ergonomics make the Bella ATT an excellent bike suited for a wide range of use (with touring at the heart of it). It also comes stock with high quality Disc brakes, as well as a good drive train with nice low gearing (real world!). The Bella ATT is available in two frame sizes to fit most everyone. Nice work Bacchetta.
    Here's a video that I made while using the Bacchetta ATT for a shop warehouse run. In the end of the video there is a side view of me riding in front of the shop. Notice the easy, comfortable position my body is in. Pay special attention to my wrist and arm position. The neutral position of my arms will always keep the bike going straight with very little steering energy on the rider's part.

    I cruise through downtown Minneapolis on route to the warehouse in Northeast Minneapolis. The route back I cut through the University of Minnesota, looping around the new outdoor stadium. Then I cross the Mississippi (again) and jump onto the Greenway Bike path. The Greenway Bridge is especially beautiful with views of downtown (while a light rail train runs under).

    Check out the video on our youtube page: Bella ATT on youtube

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