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  • Jul 15 2014

    Tools I brought on my Brompton Adventure (#BUSC 2014)

    BUSC 2014

    I'm currently sitting on an airplane headed to Washington DC for the Brompton US Championship 2014. I'm not certain what I did to be fortunate enough to be going, but it must have been something amazing because BUSC is a Brompton lovers dream come true! We often are asked what tools are needed on Brompton folding bike adventures so I thought I'd lay out my own choices for all to see.

    brompton tools

    The Tools -Park IB-3 Multitool: a fully equipped multitool (14 tools) with a chain tool and a 8mm allen wrench -PDW San Wrencho: an elegantly practical tool you'll need to remove the Brompton's bolted-on wheels as well as removing the tires -Rema Patch Kit: along with a couple TB-2 Emergency Tire Boots (sharp road debris is a global phenomena... it's best to be prepared) -Schwalbe AV4 Tube: this inner tube will fit any tire that you are using - T9 chain lube: this lube is good on both the chain and cables, just 1 ounce of T9 goes a long way -shop rag w/rubber band, this is a nice item that all the tools can be wrapped up in. Mine happens to be a very sweet Tiny Bike Shop rag -15mm wrench: I will use this to tighten my clipless pedals at Sunday's race (this will be left with the clipless pedals as it won't be needed on the road) -Topeak Road Morph Pump: The biggest hazard with hand pumps is wrestling to get to full air pressure and ripping the inner tube near the valve. The Road Morph solves this by having the head of the pump on a rubber hose so that as you wrestle with the pump, the valve is not getting pulled and tweaked. Also an air gauge is built-in (bonus!)

    If I wasn't headed to DC to be at BUSC 2014 hosted by BicycleSpace (the BUSC clubhouse du jour) I'd likely want one more inner tube and a spare tire, but in this case I know I'll be in good hands if I should find myself in need : ) Hopefully, I'll only need the pump to fully inflate the tires (I like to play it safe by letting a bit of air out of the tires before flying) and the wrenches to swap pedals on Sunday, but having the toolkit along is easy enough and has me prepared. buscmix2 ADDENDUM: I'm back from the adventure and the tools I used on my own bike: -Air pump (I flew with the tires at about 60psi and then I aired my Schwalbe Kojaks to 110 psi with the Topeak Road Morph) -4mm allen wrench on my Park IB-3 Multitool to readjust my Ergon grips/barends -8mm allen wrench to remove the folding pedal, 15mm pedal wrench to remove and install the other 3 pedals (because I was using clipless pedals on race day) On Saturday's Brompton Urban Challenge I was in a group of seven (all on Bromptons) and we suffered two flat tires in the group (neither on my own bike). Both were from tubes that had gotten ripped near the valve (likely ripped from being rough on the valve when adding air to the tires). This made me all the more sure that the Topeak Road Morph is the best pump option to bring. I fixed both flats using the PDW San Wrencho, a spare inner tube, and the Road Morph hand pump. We were back on the road in about 10 minutes each time. Had our team won the Challenge I think I'd have been viewed as the Hero of the Day, but our team was less competitive and more about fun. In our minds we won... If you have any questions feel free to contact me
  • Jan 30 2014

    February Service Specials at Perennial Cycle

    a photo of a Linus Dutchi
    Save $20 on any tune-up
    Save $35 on any overhaul
    a photo of a Yuba Mundo cargo bike
    a photo of an ICE trike
    Get a Winter Maintenance Membership for just $50
    If you're reading this in Minnesota, give yourself a pat on the back for making it through January. Now, let's put this cold month behind us, shall we? We've got brighter, warmer, longer days on our minds here at the shop and that has us thinking about getting you prepped for spring riding. For the next two weeks, we'd like to treat you to $20 off any tune-up$35 off any complete overhaul, and a final chance to get in on the Winter Maintenance Membership action: purchase a membership for the remainder of the season for just $50. The above specials are valid 1/30/14 through 2/13/14. May not be combined with any other offer. No coupon necessary. Mention this post to ensure savings, and tell your friends!
  • Oct 24 2012

    Keep on Riding with a Winter Maintenance Membership

    Keep on Riding, Minneapolis After last year's mild winter, many of us are wondering what the cold months will have in store for Minneapolis area riders. If you're considering winter biking, but aren't sure what you'll need—we'll help make it easy.

    What's necessary? What's not? Some love lobster claws and balaclavas, others swear by the best lights for those dark, cold mornings and evening rides home. Dressing right is certainly key, and it's hard to underestimate the ability to see (and be seen), but besides keeping you warm & visible, we want to make sure your bike is taken care of, no matter what. That's where our new Winter Maintenance Membership comes in. For year-round commuters (and those of us who aspire to it), the membership is an investment that will help extend the service life of your bicycle by offering you the opportunity to frequently service your bicycle during the harshest part of the year in Minnesota.

    Best of all, with a Winter Maintenance Membership from Perennial Cycle, there is no reason to buy or build a second bike for winter. We'll help you take care of the one you already have.

    Winter Maintenance Membership from Calhoun Cycle

    How does it work? Regular maintenance and cleaning during the winter months aid in the prevention of rust and corrosion from snow and salt on the roads. As a Perennial Cycle Winter Maintenance Member, your initial membership fee of $74.95 will cover up to once a week service (yes, you read that right) beginning November 1 through March 31. This includes:

    • Lubrication of key areas
    • Light-duty cleaning
    • All Adjustments
    • Wheel truing
    • Cable and brake pad install as needed
    Prior to purchase, the registered bicycle must receive a thorough check over by a mechanic to ensure the bicycle is not in need of more services that the membership could reasonably cover or would prevent the bicycle from safely making it through the winter. Where's the fine print? All of the above maintenance is included, but parts are not. Likewise, tuning and adjustments will be limited to a la carte needs; a full tune-up service at one time may be purchased separately. Winter Maintenance Memberships may not be applied toward bearing overhauls or unnecessary service and/or parts installations. To guarantee your bicycle will be serviced while you wait, a phone call prior to your arrival is necessary. While you wait service may not be possible at all hours of the day. For more details, please stop in or give us a call: 612-827-8000. Ride more than one bike in the course of the winter months? You're welcome to buy a membership for each bike you'd like to use through the season. Each membership covers one specific bike. While the membership is not transferrable from person to person, members will be allowed to transfer a membership from one bike to another should the originally registered bicycle be replaced or rotated out of use in the course of the season. Happy Riding!

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