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Profiling your bike on the Shopcast is a great way to share ideas about setting up and using your bike with the cycling community. We all have gained knowledge through studying other people's bikes and this is a fun, simple way to make your own bike available for others to check out. None of the fields in the form are required, but a few words highlighting favorite features will help others to see them. On the other hand, if you have a story to tell about the bike then by all means tell it. Pictures are a necessary part of getting your bike profiled because it's the only way for others to understand your bike. Please add about a dozen pictures (between 6 and 16). If you can size them down a maximum dimension of 700 pixels is good. No worries if resizing a picture is a problem for you (just send the photos and it will get done). If you don't have pictures and are local to us, feel free to ride by the shop and have us take pictures of your sweet ride.