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Brompton B-Spoke Order Form

UPDATE (12-2014): While this Shopcast post has useful information on it, there is a more up-to-date Brompton ordering info page HERE:

Brompton Folding Bikes are truly fascinating bikes. The first time someone sees one being folded they are sure to gasp in amazement. Brommies are the fastest folding bicycles on the market and in a defiance of science the same bikes are the smallest folded bike. These hand-made wonders are catching on and forward thinking cycle shops like Perennial Cycle are working hard to grow more awareness to the practicality of such a unique product. Whether you are using it as a superb grocery chaser, a daily commuter that you don't have to leave out on the street or traveling by bus and train, there are a whole host of reasons to consider a Brompton Folding Bicycle.

Bromptons are built in London and virtually every one is a custom bike in that the company does not have "stock" models. There a wide variety of options available and the possible combinations are in the tens of thousands. Color, gearing, tyres, handlebar and saddle are some of the choices! The one thing they all have in common are the compact folded dimensions.

We stock a wide variety of Bromptons in the shop, so you can always come in and test ride bikes and buy a model from us on the spot. A growing number of people are ordering custom bikes. To do this we would work with them using Brompton's B-Spoke order form. This is available HERE. The form can be a little confusing so we created the following screencast to help walk you through the B-Spoke Form.

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Bromptons come in a wide array of colors and the color schemes are endless in that you can choose 2 colors. One for the Main (center of the frame) and one for the Extremeties (rear triangle on the back and fork and riser on the front). Think candy colored iMacs on steroids.

The Gallery below is a mix of Bromptons that are in the shop today. The captions for the pics tell you specifically what the model is and what options the bike has.

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