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Brompton x CHPT3 — Act fast! The CHPT3 edition is in stock now but won’t last long.

*UPDATE* While this blogpost has great info, there's a 2nd Version of the CHPT3 and we have a post about the updated CHPT3 HERE

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One of the most exciting collaborations from Brompton since they began partnering with designers in the early 2010s, the Brompton CHPT3 edition is one sweet ride. If you follow Brompton on Instagram, you’ve likely drooled over it more than once! The bike design combines retired professional cyclist David Millar’s design vision with the beauty of Brompton’s compact folder. After retirement in 2014, Millar formed the CHPT3 brand with collaborator and architect/designer Richard Pearce. Together, they have created bike apparel, accessories, and complete builds with top cycling brands like Castelli, Brooks, Factor, POC, and now Brompton. Here’s Millar, pictured with his CHPT3 edition in London:

David Millar and the Brompton CHPT3 edition

For those not familiar with the CHPT3 aesthetic, it’s easy to see how their collaboration with Brompton so well represents their own design sensibility when viewed alongside a prior collaboration Millar and team created with Factor bikes (see below image, via The red Cambium saddle featured on both is the fruit of yet another CHPT3 collaboration with Brooks.

CHPT3 Factor One and CHPT3 Brompton

CHPT3 edition Spec:

Model Type

The CHPT3 edition is only available as an S2E-X or an S6E-X. This translates to an S Type handlebar for a sporty, more aggressive riding position like that of a road bike. The choice of 2 or 6 speeds allows for either an ultralight weight choice (2 speeds) or the more versatile (if a bit heavier) 6 speeds. Spec’d as a version E, the CHPT3 edition does not come with mudguards, but these can be added at the discretion of the buyer. About half of our CHPT3 customers thus far have opted to add Brompton’s black mudguards for practicality’s sake. Lastly, the X indicates both the S2 and the S6 models feature titanium extremities. Those familiar with the typical look of a Brompton superlight may wonder why the bike doesn’t *look* like it has a Ti fork and rear triangle. The reason? For the first time, Brompton has painted these titanium frame parts in a matte black finish.

• S Type handle bars

• 6 speed gearing

• No mudguard or rack (to reduce weight)

• Painted Titanium front fork and rear triangle in black

Brompton CHPT3 edition in folded, parked, and riding position

Technical Details

• Custom Red & Black Cambium C17 saddle

• Red Ergon GA2 grips

• Special edition main-frame colors, sparkle grey and fire red

• Black steel handlebar post

• Black edition components

• Firm suspension block

• Custom Tan wall Schwalbe Kojak Tyres

Brompton CHPT3 edition custom parts and accessories in red and black