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Buzz for B&W's B3 (BIG BIKE BAG)

I have been a fan of cycling bags for as long as I've been into bikes. A bike shifts from a toy to a tool as soon as you fit a bag to it. High quality bags that are feature rich are common and we stock a massive assortment at Perennial Cycle. Mind you, B&W's B3 is not like any of the other bags in the shop. A bike bag with pannier hooks AND a handle, rollerblade wheels and the ability to roll around like a suitcase... amazing!

B&W is a German manufacturer of cases for taking bikes, wheels, toolkits, etc all over the world.
The B3 is their first bag designed to mount onto a bike and they transferred designs of their amazing cases for flight right into the B3 Bike Pannier.

The pannier hooks are compatible with rather massive range of rack tubing diameters (1/4" - 5/8"). Using the pannier hook adjustment lock you can custom fit the hook to your rack. This way the bag won't end up rattling on the rack.
While the pannier hooks snap on the rack tightly, there's also a nifty locking hook that you can flip to prevent the bag from launching no matter what your riding style.

This bag has a lot of nice features (beyond the rollers w/handle).
- The rubberized fabric with nylon interior is 100% WATERPROOF.
- The rolltop design makes sure that no water will get in, no matter hard the rain is coming down.
- The compression strap helps keep your items from shifting, even when there's not a lot in the bag.
- Reflective lettering on the back as well as on the side of the bag improve visibility at night.
- Over 2,000 of capacity (and if you really want to fill it up, you can open up the rolltop and get nearly 3,000 in!
Stop by the shop and see how it fits on your bike. I'm pretty confident that you'll like it (a lot!). It is definitely designed to carry a lot, yet not break your back getting it into your office. It's also clear that is designed and manufactured to last for years of regular use.

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