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Holiday Gift Guide

  • Dec 06 2013

    Perennial Favorites – The Transport Bag

    The Transport Bag for Brompton by Radical Design

    It’s a simple, yet fully functional bag that allows you to tote your Brompton wherever your feet will take you. Of the bag options for Brompton, this is the most compact if the full coverage bags. It’s also the lightest bag option that comes with a shoulder strap.

    Like the Brompton Cover and Saddle Bag, it quickly packs into a small bag that easily mounts to your saddle rails (or handlebars if you prefer). The Brompton Transport Bag zips fully open which means loading your Brompton is a breeze. There are two handles and a shoulder strap for easy portability, and the empty bag folds up nicely to slip into its saddle bag. Like all of Radical Design’s bags, it is made of DuPont Rip-Stop Cordura and uses continuous coil YKK zippers.

    Radical Design has been making great bags in Holland since 1990. They use top quality materials, and employ stitching methods meant to last a lifetime. Radical Design makes bags for recumbents, bags for bicycle trailers, backpacks for hikers, and surprisingly the sell all the materials they use in their bags separately, right down to the zippers and foam, so you can fix and patch your old bag or try your hand at making your own. As a company they also take a holistic view regarding the health and safety of not only their workers but the workers of their suppliers as well, and values like honesty and quality over cost. Companies like Radical Design are few and far between; people that stay true and adhere to the K.I.S.S. method, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

  • Dec 19 2012

    Holiday Gift Guide — For the Commuter

    There's still time to shop before the Holiday Season is through! Here are a few last-minute ideas for the Bike Commuter in your life. Below you'll find a mix of new products, old favorites, top-selling items this fall, and a few gift ideas from nearby local shops.

    1 - Super Shield Gloves

    2 - Commuter Combo Light Set, including the Urban 200 front light and the Vis 180 Micro tail light from Light and Motion

    3 - A small saddle bag like this one from Gilles Berthoud is the perfect place to stash a few essential tools for flat changes on the fly

    4 - For any Minneapolitan commuter, a Winter Maintenance Membership from Perennial Cycle is a gift of piece of mind that will keep the bike commuter in your life rolling with whatever our Minnesota winter throws our way, now through March 31, 2013!

    5 - A 2012 must-read for any bike commuter, The Enlightened Cyclist by Bike Snob NYC is available through Magers and Quinn and at ROAM Interiors on Hennepin.

    6 - Ortlieb's waterproof Pelican is the perfect commuting bag for any weather.

    7 - Minoura iH-400-OS Phone Grip with Clamp

    8 - 3Wrencho from PDW

    9 - Give the gift of added safety with a high-visibility reflective vest with a long tail designed especially for cyclists.

    10 - A sturdy pair of MN-made Red Wing shoes for him or for her.

    11 - Who knows bike commuting better than the Dutch? The Mirte Shopper, designed in the Netherlands by Basil Bags, makes a great commuting bag and is especially handy for running errands by bike.

    12 - The Giro Reverb Helmet was named one of Oprah's Favorite things this year and is a great fit for any commuter.

    13 - Rema Patch Kit

    14 - No bell has a more classic sound than the Riten Rotary Bell from Crane.

    15 - MN Loves Bikes 12.5x12.5 print, available locally at Forage Modern Workshop or online from the Aesthetic Apparatus design team. An added bonus: this print fits in an inexpensive record album frame.

  • Dec 12 2012

    Holiday Gift Guide — For Mom

    Calhoun Cycle Holiday Gift Guide

    Last week we were all about gifts for Dad. Naturally, Mom comes next! Maybe she's into road races. Maybe she's a commuter. Maybe she loves the ease of skipping traffic and running errands by bike. Either way, tell her how special she is with a dash of red, silver, green, and gold. For more ideas for Mom (or Grandma, Aunt Sue, or your lovely wife), stop in for a chat! We'd love to help you find something that will bring a smile to her face.

    Calhoun Cycle Holiday Gift Guide for Mom

    1 - Linus Headlamp

    2 - Chain Bracelet made in Oregon from up-cycled bike chains by Resource Revival

    3 - Basil's Bottle Basket, available in three additional colors

    4 - Simi Mini Dots helmet from Nutcase

    5 - Fly T by local designers Twin Six

    6 - The Loop Pannier from Chicago's Po Campo, available in a choice of colors and waterproof fabrics.

    7 - Key Chain Loop from Russell & Hazel, available at their flagship store on 44th and France in Minneapolis.

    8 - Black Chocolate Honey Bon Bons from local maker Mademoiselle Miel, available at the Walker Shop and at Surdyk's.

    9 - Make it a memorable holiday! Bring home the Boda Boda and up your car-light cred with this groovy cargo cruiser.

    10 - Soma Pocket Square Multi-tool... never leave home without it!

    11 - For a special gal with discerning tastes and a lot of miles behind (and ahead of!) her, the B17 S Select is handmade from extra tough, organic leather by the one and only Brooks of England.

    12 - Tandem Bicycle Red Christmas Tree Bike Ornament made by Utah-based Kate Daisy and team.

    13 - New from Crane, a hand-painted Suzu Bell makes a unique gift.

    14 - Help her stay cozy with a hand-dyed scarf by Minneapolis' own Martha McQuade of Scarf-Shop. Catch Martha in person (and say hello to Kristy from The Beez Kneez) at this weekend's Last Minute Handmade gift market.

  • Dec 07 2012

    Holiday Gift Guide — for Dad

    Calhoun Cycle's Holiday Gift Guide for Dad
    Calhoun Cycle's Holiday Gift Guide for Dad

    For Dad, for your partner, for Grandpa... we all have at least one especially distinguished fellow on our lists. Here are a few ideas we hope will be helpful in letting him know you're thinking of him this holiday season. Whether he's a commuter, a gravel rider, or another sort of bicycle enthusiast, we've got you covered!

    1 - Brooks Trouser Strap

    2 - Ortlieb's Office Bag in Hazel

    3 - New this year, Grant Petersen's Just Ride will help him cultivate the Un-Racer within. Grab your copy, and a copy for Dad at Magers and Quinn, just down the road from Perennial Cycle.

    4 - Nothing sounds better than classic brass. Crane's Suzu Bell is one of our (and your) favorites.

    5 - Abus Steel O Chain

    6 - Carradice Zip Roll, available in green with honey or black with creamy-white leather detailing.

    7 - PDW's Bar-Ista, the bottle holder of choice for toting your coffee along on the ride.

    8 - Twin Six Deluxe Socks

    9 - Always be prepared with a Crank Brothers 10 multi-tool

    10 - The latest issue of Bicycle Quarterly magazine

    11 - Surly's Junk Straps are a must-have in any tool bag

    12 - Go West Jersey with pearl-button snaps from Club Ride

    13 - Bottle Opener Keychain, made in Oregon from up-cycled bicycle parts.

    14 - Local artist Redcruiser has outdone herself this year with a brand new 2013 Seasonal Beer and Food Pairings Calendar. These are selling fast, so check back if you don't see one available in the shop right this second... more are on the way!

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