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Cateye Rapid Mini - 😻 Light up the Night

cateye rapid mini

We have many lights
 to choose from at Perennial Cycle as we like the idea of being seen on the road. When it comes to keeping it light and simple, the Cateye Rapid Mini has you covered. We have brighter and/or longer running lights available, but this current shop favorite is simple and minimalistic. At just 2 inches in length and 3/4 inches wide it is easy to throw in a pocket when locking your bike up.


The Standard Rapid Mini comes with a tool-free seatpost mount and a USB charging chord.
The Brompton specific Rapid Mini comes with a Brompton saddle mounting bracket.
Late in 2016 Brompton Bikes started coming with a slight modification to their saddles. On the underside of the saddle they made a mount that is there specifically to fit a little bracket for the Cateye Rapid Mini light.

Brompton Specific Rapid Mini                 Standard Cateye Rapid Mini


Cateye also makes a separate saddle rail mount that is compatible with the Rapid Mini, so you can easily switch your light from bike to bike.

Cool Video below