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EcoVelo: the End is Near

Alan Barnard of EcoVelo fame is soon to write his last blog post for

For 3-1/2 years EcoVelo has inspired many people to do great things in a healthy, environmentally friendly way and Perennial Cycle owes a big thanks to Alan and Michael for their great work.

The blog is a huge resource for all people of all levels to work out the details of using their bicycle as a true means of transportation.

At least once every couple of days we find ourselves at the shop speaking about the blog in one way or other.

We will greatly miss the beautiful photos, great reviews and fun picture contests, but I will appreciate the memories of EcoVelo forever.
Thank You Very Much!

It's been a 6 year relationship that Perennial Cycle has had with Alan, because before the EcoVelo Blog Alan did TheRecumbentBlog. In 2005 Alan started TheRecumbentBlog and it was a stand out for a very high level of professionalism and a very keen eye for design (to say nothing of the high quality images).

The same high standards were carried into the crafting of EcoVelo, but to a larger audience. Both TheRecumbentBlog and EcoVelo brought people together that had been considered to be outcasts by the cycling industry in general.

As the final post is nearing for EcoVelo I can say that both cycling communities are better understood by the larger cycling world. Thanks in no small part to Alan and Michael's hard work.

Their impact is greater than it may seem. Nice Work : )

Nuts & Bolts: While this year will mark the end of EcoVelo's new posts, it will continue to be a valuable resource for commuters and the broader world of utility-minded cyclists for 2 more years, but without new content.

As I understand it, the site will remain active until January 1, 2014. Then it will have to rest in peace.

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