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Mayor Rybak Rides a Brompton

This morning was the Twin Cities Bike-Walk Celebration. Perennial Cycle had a booth in downtown Minneapolis showing off a variety of bikes and bags. Being a commuting crowd we were sure to have Brompton Folding Bikes along with us. Mayor Rybak rode into work today and stopped into the celebration to pick up a banana and cup of coffee. Next thing you know I'm chatting with him and this leads to a fold and unfold of the Brompton and he was stoked to get a ride in on the bike. I love this guy!

John and I got a chance to talk to a lot of people about Brommies, commuting bikes and commuting bags as well as cargo bikes.

We had a Civia Halsted along to show off and thanks to Civia's Sales Manager Andy Lambert we had a belt drive Civia Kingfield. Andy rode it into our booth and worked with us a bit selling the Civia brand.

You can see Mayor Rybak riding the Brommie in a video clip here

Nice Morning!

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