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Music Tour on Wheels

Over the years I had many conversations with musicians about doing a music tour on bicycle. I have helped a number of them figure out how to travel with instruments, but none of them quite got a bicycling music tour on the road.

A few years ago I was linked (via to a pair of musicians that were actually doing a musical tour by bicycle. I was in awe of their accomplishment and watched videos of them on the road and I was truly amazed.

The two musicians were Peter Mulvey and Brianna Lane. Peter and Brianna are currently on another cycling music tour which ends this weekend in Minneapolis.

We are having a reception for Peter and Bri this Sunday at 3pm (Sept 18th) at the bike shop. Treats will be provided and some music will be played and we'll end it all by having a group ride to the Aster Café for their end of tour performance.

Peter (Bacchetta Giro 20) and Brianna (Handsome Devil) will be available to chat about their experiences riding and playing.

To see the two of them jamming together:

Links for Peter Mulvey and Brianna Lane:

Follow their tour on Twitter @ IRodeMyBicycle

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