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The Original Brompton Leather Handle by RAW

Brompton Handle

 RAW is the company that designed and manufactures the Original Leather Brompton Handle. The owner/inventor at RAW is Karen Meissner. Karen is a clever, hard working entrepreneur who is passionate about cycling and has owned a Brompton folding bicycle for 15 years.
RAW is a young company (incorporated in November of 2013) based in Devon, England which is about 200 miles southwest of London. As a longtime entrepreneur, Karen has her hands in a variety of businesses, but her current focus is RAW which at this point has 2 products, a carbon 29’er frame and Perennial Cycle’s latest imported product, the Original Leather Brompton Handle.

Here’s the design brief for the Original Leather Brompton Handle:
-  handle that positions on the bike at the perfect balance point (folded or unfolded)
- aesthetically pleasing in a way that complements the Brompton
- offers frame protection
- end product must be of very high quality
- fits onto the bike easily and quickly
- ages well

the Original Leather Brompton Handle

Karen had her first prototype made in July of 2013. The prototype was a decent start, but it took several tries before she was comfortable with it as a finished product. The product as delivered to us nailed the design brief very, very well. Great work Karen!
When asked what’s in the skunkworks, she said RAW’s next item on the market will be a lovely downtube frame protector for carbon bikes (are the carbon gravel racers listening!), and then down the road the Brompton Leather Handle may see a shoulder strap option and beyond that she sees a variety of leather products specifically designed to work on Brompton Folding Bikes.

Check out our product video:

The Original Brompton Leather Handle is manufactured in England and we just got our first shipment on March 20, 2014. We look forward to watch RAW mature and bring new products to market in the coming years. I interviewed Karen on March 26, 2014.


the Original Brompton Leather Handle

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