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A Better, BIGGER Bike Shop

Retail space is expensive, so Perennial Cycle has worked super hard from day one to make the most of our space. My Dad would have said that we are capable of squeezing blood out of a turnip (this would have been a compliment ; )

In our original basement rental/retail space we had the rafters stuffed with an elaborate helmet storage system. People walked down into that shop and laughed because they had seen ads in Recumbent Cyclist News where we touted ourselves as a Recumbent Super Store (which we were in great part to stuffing the corners and rafters as well as friend's basements with merchandise). 10-1/2 years ago we moved into a 1000 square feet with a full basement. It felt huge, but midway through the second year we were having to do a lot to maximize our space and eventually got a warehouse space to let some pressure off the retail space.

Yesterday we grew by over double our current space and nabbed a doorway directly into the coffee shop on the corner! 2010 is starting out BIG at Perennial Cycle and this is hugely exciting. We're sad to see the flower shop move out (Luna Vinca had been in that space for 10 years), but it has created a great opportunity for Perennial Cycle.

**Addendum added to this Shopcast Post | 1-13-2017**
April 1, 2016 we ended being Calhoun Cycle (as the images above show us as being). We are now Perennial Cycle. You can read about our name change HERE

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