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  • Dec 31 2016

    Thank You!

    Storefront Wrapping up 2016 brings me to a thankful place. A year ago the shop was getting close to a name change that left a lot of unknowns and concerns about the upcoming season at Perennial Cycle. No matter how sure I was about the name change being the right thing to do, it's hard to whack nearly 25 years of branding off the shelf and not have some concerns about the transition. Well, the new sign went up last week and this nearly finalizes the transition away from Calhoun Cycle and onto our newer, better Perennial Cycle. All I can say is Thank You!! The transition has gone very well and the grumbling trolls moved on quickly while the supporters of the name change continue to show their support by joining our customer base. We all really appreciate the support. It's a fun place to work and thanks to our customers, we get to keep our jobs : ) You have all shown me that hope is a reasonable feeling to have. I cannot thank you enough for that. Storefront
  • Mar 31 2016

    Calhoun Cycle is now Perennial Cycle


    Calhoun Cycle is proud to announce that we are changing our name to Perennial Cycle.

    The name Calhoun Cycle was inherited decades ago when it originated as Calhoun Cycle Cellar, a modest bike rental shop with a cigar box for a cash register. Over the years the name Calhoun Cycle has served us well. To our cycling commuter customers we love so dearly, it has come to represent our goals for the bicycle as a pragmatic and sustainable means of alternative daily transportation. Given these goals, we have found the ethics of Calhoun Cycle at odds with the unethical history of the Calhoun name. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the history and heritage of Mr. John C. Calhoun, and feel an undeniable need to separate ourselves from that history.

    The name Calhoun represents a shameful past of institutional racism perceived as a “positive good”, and the misguided cultural colonialism of renaming a lake after an undeserving man. We cannot go back and change our past, but we can learn from it and from our mistakes, and attempt to right our wrongs.

    Therefore, we are consciously removing Calhoun from our company name and have chosen the new name Perennial Cycle to best represent our values. When something is perennial it is enduring, it is sustainable and it lives in an unending cycle. Perennial is the flora that surrounds us, which we depend on for our own sustainable existence. And like the tulips, crocus, and basque flowers pushing their way up through the snow, nothing gives us more pleasure in the Minnesota springtime than to also see our robust perennial cycling community bloom to life once again.

    We thank you all for your support over the years we’ve spent together, and for supporting us in our strategic decision to kill Calhoun.


  • Sep 05 2014

    A Great Year is Topped off With a Huge Industry Honor!

    Calhoun Cycle Group Rides I'd like to thank our world class customers for helping to make 2014 a great season. It has been a very rewarding year at the shop. A great mix of social rides, a high volume of repair projects and a world of people riding their bikes (new and old) into the shop in need... Racks, bags, baskets, tires, tubes, power-assists, apparel and on and on. Perennial Cycle is truly blessed to have so many customers that ride their bikes every day! 2014 Interbike Awards To top off the 2014 season, Perennial Cycle has been nominated with just 4 other shops across the country as the BEST URBAN/LIFESTYLE Bike Shop by THE cycle industry magazine—Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, also known as BRAIN—as a part of Interbike's first annual industry awards gala. Known as the IB Awards, the event will celebrate the bike industry's success and innovation. This is a great honor for us and it's all thanks to YOU, our fabulous customers that are willing to look at the bicycle as a transportation tool as well as a fine way to get some exercise. A complete list of nominees in all categories is available here (PDF). Categories for the retailer awards include Best Urban/Lifestyle Shop, Best Pro Road Shop, Best Mountain Bike Shop, among others, with five nominees within each category. Winners will be announced at the IB Awards in Las Vegas, Thursday, September 11, 2014. Thanks to all of you great customers as well as the fabulous staff of Perennial Cycle for making this possible. Luke Breen     .
  • Aug 08 2014

    Our eBay Store is Open!


    Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.48.35 PM

      Every few years we open the Perennial Cycle eBay store to share some of our best deals. The supplies are very limited so visit today! Here are a just a few of the many items we have on sale at our eBay store:
    1. Biologic Bike Mount for iPhone 4 and 4S. Are you still holding onto those older models of the iPhone? It's your lucky day! These mounts have a retail value of $60, but are only $29.95 on the eBay store.
    2. SRAM Rival Crankset with GXP Bottom Bracket. This was going to be used on a Surly Cross-Check by an employee, but she decided not to use it. The retail is $200, but it can be yours for just $139.95.
    3. Ortlieb Zip City Shoulder Bag. Want a fun, colorful messenger bag for the new school year? Start the year in style with this new backpack. This bag retails at $100, but is on sale for $64.95!
    4. WallIt Sand Pannier. Are you looking for a classy bike bag for work? This racktop bag is specific to the RackTime rack that is sold here at Perennial Cycle. The bag is on sale for $34.95 from its retail price of $60. Hurry! This item has many eBay watchers (;
    5. Speed Metal PDW Grips. Need some new grips for your speed demon? These cool grips were $35 and can be yours for only $19.95!
    In-Store pickup or having items shipped are both available for items in the eBay Store. If you have any questions feel free to call (612-827-8000) or email.

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