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An Evening of Art

Miss Leierwood captaining "Got Ice"

Inspiring High School kids to do things is a real challenge. Add to that that what you want them to do is create and express. Good luck with that, eh? Well, an art teacher at Southwest High School here in Minneapolis is succeeding. Ms. Leierwood motivates her students to create art in ways that connect with them. Artbikes is one of her units. Drawings with sports related themes are another unit. She even gets the kids out riding the Artbikes in a local favorite parade called The May Day Parade (put on by The Heart of the Beast Theater). I believe that extra credit is awarded for the kids brave enough to ride in the parade.

2010 May Day Parade

Tonite at the shop Ms. Leierwood will be showcasing some of her students work in a gallery exhibition from 7:00 - 9:00. There will be a variety of Artbikes available to check out as well as drawings created in class at Southwest High. Word on the street is that Bill Eggert of Evolutionary Transport will be joining in the fun.

Here are some pictures from The May Day Parade as well as a Bike Expo earlier this spring:

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