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August Makes 12

Early Morning Meetup on the Greenway Bridge

The 12 by 100 has been completed! My friend Derek came up with the challenge to do a century ride every single month for a year... in Minnesota. August was our final month and while we had our challenges fitting it into the schedule, we did in fact pull it off with smiles all around. The post ride celebrating would have been massive if only we'd given friends and family a bit more heads up on when the final ride was going to happen. As it was, Derek had to race home to take care of his kids and I had to work a close at the shop.

We were joined by Perennial Cycle salesperson extraordinaire John McConaghay. John rode a Surly Pugsley that he had recently built road wheels for. The Pugsley is a bike designed to take over 4" tires (think snow, ice, sand, mud and other adventuresome conditions). John fell in love with his Pug and thus set it up as a versatile summer ride to complement the hard core winter Pug (with HUGE tires).

Derek rode his not-so trusty Concord and I smoked anyone in my path on the zippy Bacchetta Corsa.

It was a Great Day, though at about 56 miles Derek's bottom bracket seized and we had to call for mechanical assistance. It was looking a bit touch and go for a bit, but the Hunter showed up with the right tools for the job and a few hours later the 12 x 100 was history.

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