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  • Sep 30 2019

    MOTHERLOAD the Movie

    Join us at the Riverview Theater on October 24th for a community screening of MOTHERLOAD the movie. MOTHERLOAD is a crowdsourced documentary about a new mother’s quest to understand the increasing isolation and disconnection of the digital age, its planetary impact, and how cargo bikes could be an antidote. Check out the trailer here.
  • Sep 29 2019

    CLOSED for Thanksgiving

    We will be closed Thanksgiving Day so our staff can spend time with their families. Please be sure to get all your flat tires the day before or the day after!
  • Sep 25 2019

    Group Ride: Wilder Buffalo #4

    What: Group ride with concert, guests and conversation featuring Ben Weaver, Strong Buffalo and Al Gross
    Where: Choose the shop you'd like to meet at and ride from.
    Perennial Cycle: 3342 Hennepin Ave, S MPLS, MN. Meet up 5:30-6PM. 6PM Sharp roll out.
    Angry Catfish: 4208 S 28th Ave MPLS, MN. Meet up 5:30-6PM. 6PM Sharp roll out.
    How far: Ride leaders will bring you to the concert location. Ride will be somewhere between 5-10 miles in length from bike shop. All you need to do is show up.
    What to Bring: Please consider that the days are getting shorter and the event will be ending after dark. Bring lights for your ride home.
    Other Logisitics: The nature of these rides is to build stronger community through trust and communication. Please feel free to ask your ride leaders any questions or express any concerns you may have along the way.
    EventBrite registration not required but appreciated here. 
    View the Facebook event here
  • Feb 11 2018

    Fin(n)ally: a Phone Mount that Actually Works

    Of the myriad ways of carrying various things by bike, one of our most popular (and convenient) solutions is the Finn Universal Phone Mount. We've tested the gamut of phone-mounting solutions for your bike, from touchscreen-compatible bags to complicated hard plastic gizmos, and we were as surprised as anyone to realize that the best solution is actually just kind of a glorified rubber band.

    Bags can be annoying to take on and off, and there's no guarantee that your touch screen will work through that plastic cover. Hard plastic mounts are functional in theory, but they're bulky, ugly, and occasionally manage to launch phones onto the pavement. Not to mention both of these solutions are a no-go if you have a modern phone with a very large screen.

    The Finn, on the other hand, is a low-profile mount that's simple to install. It provides a very secure connection, and the rubber takes shocks and bumps in stride instead of rattling loose. It's made of silicon that stretches up to 400%, so it's stretchy enough to handle any size phone without snapping. You only mount it when you need it, so it doesn't ugly up your bike when you're not using it. With all these advantages, it's truly the Cadillac of phone mounts. Except Cadillacs are expensive and this thing costs a little less than $20, so maybe it's the secondhand Honda Accord of phone mounts. Keep scrolling to see how this little guy works, and click here to see it on our website.

    Mounting the Finn:

    Position the mount on the handlebars so the bike icon is facing you.

    Insert the tabbed end of the mount into the cutout just above the bike icon.

    Pull the tabbed end completely through. The bike icon should still be facing you.

    Set your phone directly on top of the bike icon and stretch the bottom loops of the Finn over the bottom corners of your device.

    Repeat with the top half of the Finn.

    Congrats, you did it! Don't crash while you're staring at Google Maps.

    While some may scoff at the notion of having your phone at your fingertips during a ride, the practicalities are undeniable. It's a DJ controller and a built-in navigation system. An entry-level GoPro camera for budding videographers. You can even run Strava on it to track your mileage if that's your thing, I don't know, I'm not your mom. Get yourself a Finn and go wild.

    You can purchase the Finn phone mount for yourself and every cyclist you know right here.

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