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Curt Goodrich Displays at NAHBS

One of my friends once commented that Curt Goodrich is the best frame builder you've never heard of. Be enlightened friends, that is changing. Curt has always built a few bikes on the side, but until recently he's spent most of his time building all the U.S. Rivendell bicycles. But now he's broke away from Riv so he can concentrate on Curt Goodrich Bicycles. Lucky for us, Curt's right here in Minneapolis. In fact, Perennial Cycle has partnered with CG for nearly 10 years now. He does our S & S coupler installations as well as our more involved frame repairs.

Well, this weekend Curt Goodrich Bicycles will be displaying some beautiful work at the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show (NAHBS). In the past few weeks, Curt's been by the shop several times so we've had a chance to see the progress on his pieces for the NAHBS. Wow! He has some beautiful bikes. His studio is just a couple blocks from our warehouse space in NE Minneapolis, so I stopped by the other day to snap a few pics for you. Here's an All-Rounder frame in the paint booth. Sweet bike. NAHBS is a pretty awesome show. While I've not attended yet, I have seen many awesome and inspiring bikes through various galleries online. The event starts today, so in the next few days we'll see a lot of spectacular stuff in the blogosphere -- and Curt's frames will be among the best.

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