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Carradice Kicks it New School

Just when I thought I knew a company so well, they surprise me. I've been working with Carradice for over 20 years and Carradice has been making classic, long-wearing and extremely weatherproof bags for over 80 years. Yet until the new Lightweight Audax Saddlebag came out, there had not been a cordura bag in the lineup.

Carradice Lightweight Audax Saddlebag
Waterproof cordura with bright, contrasting liner and nylon buckles and loops.
Modernized, yet true to the brand in that these are very long lasting bags that are up to keeping your stuff dry in extreme weather.

The Lightweight Audax has similar dimensions and weight as the Originals Barley Saddlebag, though the Audax is 35% lighter weight.
The picture shows an Audax on a Bagman Sport QR bag support (by Carradice).

We consider Carradice the original bike camping brand. For over 80 years Carradice has been hand making bicycle bags in the UK. They have a range of bags to suit a wide variety of uses, but at the core of ALL of their bag designs is being durability and weatherproof.

Carradice Lightweight Audax Saddlebag

The new Audax Saddlebag is selling very well and while Carradice initially brought it to market as a limited edition, they have determined that there is great demand for a lighter and slightly less expensive Carradice saddlebag.

Lightweight Audax & Barley
Lightweight Audax on the left and Originals Barley on the right

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