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brompton folding bike

  • Dec 23 2010

    Great Time to Buy a Brompton Folding Bicycle

    Have you been sitting on the fence looking at Brompton Folding Bikes? Now would be a great time to jump off that fence and ride away on a new Brommie. We currently have a rainbow of color options available to purchase.

    We even have the Limited Edition Brompton Raw Lacquer Bikes. These show the artfulness of the bikes. Study a raw lacquer bike and you will see the crafting that is involved in making a Brompton.

    If you need some help working out which model makes the most sense for you, just give us a call (612-827-8000) or stop in (Uptown Minneapolis) and we'll work through the trickiest details with you. We have great bag options for the Bromptons and being that Brommies are superb city utility bikes, the bags are an essential add-on to consider right from the get-go. Also we have  a variety of carry cases to handle your use (from air travel to trunking).

    Brompton Folding Bikes
    Brompton Bags
    B & W Hard Case (pictured above)

  • Nov 03 2010

    Brompton Folding Competition

    This past summer we had a Brompton learning seminar with our Brompton Agent Ed Rae. We learned lots of new info regarding the phenomenal folding bikes (we love them), ate some great pizza from Lucé and finished off the event with some friendly competition:

    Who can fold a Brompton bicycle the fastest?

    Here's a video of the fun race.

  • Feb 05 2010

    Replacing Brompton Rear Hinge

    We just recently saw the first rear hinge wear to the point of needing replacement on a Brompton bicycle. It takes many, many miles for the rear hinge to need replacing, so it's no surprise that it took five years before we saw a single one (and the owner is a daily commuter even in the salty Minnesota winters). If you're riding your Brompton as your main mode of transport, you may need to eventually replace the rear hinge. This is a repair that is best handled by a bike shop with a top notch service department that is familiar with Brompton Bikes. If you don't have anyone near you capable of doing the job (or in ownership of the needed tools), then you're lucky the Brompton is so easy to ship as we'd be happy to do the repair for you professionally. As a part of the process, we'll promptly get your Brompton back on your doorstep.

    The Brompton Bushing Kit includes all the parts that need replacing, the necessary allen wrench, instructions and a drill bit. (Used to drill off the head of one or both of the bolts.) For tools, the service department will have a Brompton specific rear hinge reamer and some Loctite. It's not necessary, but it'll make it easier to remove the old bushings using a 13/32-inch tap.

    We spent a fair bit of time researching the processes before we actually did it, but once our ducks were in a row the repair went smoothly and fairly quickly. The first step is to inspect the bushings to determine if they need replacing.

    The captions explain the work we do:

    Links Regarding This Job:
    Brompton Instructions (pdf)
    Rear Hinge Bushing Kit
    Brompton Specific Reamer (Special Order) Contact Us.

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