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Tiny Bikeshop Concert [March 31st]

We're celebrating spring at Perennial Cycle with friends and music (maybe even a few cookies and lemonade).

Banjo Brothers is a Minneapolis based multinational company that make a wide range of well made, value minded bike bags for a wide variety of uses.
Brianna Lane is a local musician with the voice of a songbird and guitar playing skills that will knock your socks off. Bring it all together and you have a Tiny Bikeshop Concert.

Here are some of the things that will be happening:

- Brianna will be available (with her beau Greg) to talk about cycle touring (they did a music tour last fall with Peter Mulvey and on the tour did 8 music gigs in 8 days all on bicycle!).

- Eric of Banjo Brothers will be available to talk about carrying gear (milk, laptop, tent, you name it) on your bike.

- Luke and Derek will be available to discuss long distance “event” style riding (they did a 24 hour 315 mile ride last summer).

- There will be someone from O2 Rainwear available to talk about dressing for foul weather riding.

- Special Tiny Bikeshop Concert Pricing will be worth coming by to check out

- Dunn Brothers next door will be offering coupons for bean discounts as well.

Tiny Bikeshop musician Brianna Lane
Tiny Bikeshop Concert Headliner, Brianna Lane
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