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Tiny Bikeshop Concert [March 31st]

We're celebrating spring at Perennial Cycle with friends and music (maybe even a few cookies and lemonade). Banjo Brothers is a Minneapolis based multinational company that make a wide range of well made, value minded bike bags for a wide variety of uses. Brianna Lane is a local musician with the voice of a songbird and guitar playing skills that will knock your socks off. Bring it all together and you have a Tiny Bikeshop Concert. Here are some of the things that will be happening: -Brianna will be available (with her beau Greg) to talk about cycle touring (they did a music tour last fall with Peter Mulvey and on the tour did 8 music gigs in 8 days all on bicycle!). -Eric of Banjo Brothers will be available to talk about carrying gear (milk, laptop, tent, you name it) on your bike. -Luke and Derek will be available to discuss long distance “event” style riding (they did a 24 hour 315 mile ride last summer). -There will be someone from O2 Rainwear available to talk about dressing for foul weather riding. -Special Tiny Bikeshop Concert Pricing will be worth coming by to check out -Dunn Brothers next door will be offering coupons for bean discounts as well. Not Local? The event will be streamed live via Indieload. You can watch the live stream here
Tiny Bikeshop musician Brianna Lane

Tiny Bikeshop Concert Headliner, Brianna Lane

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