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Suitcase Eddy Mercxx! Ridable, Flyable Art

Curt Goodrich of Curt Goodrich Bicycles pulled out an amazing job on a gorgeous road bike this winter. The job was to instal S & S couplers on a vintage Eddy Mercxx 7-11 Team Edition Bike. That part is the easy stuff. Then the customer wanted the bike painted in full-on original Eddy Merxx 7-11 Team Edition paint scheme with the decal kit (sourced in Switzerland). This is a Team Edition bike that would have been the team bike in 1989 and 1990.

I knew that Curt was meticulous in all his work, but this was an entirely new level.

After years and years of building some of the most respected steel bike frames in the world he is a master when i comes to building bikes. We all know that and marvel at the achievement.

Painting is something that Curt brought in-house just a few years ago. This bike proves to me that he has mastered the art of painting a bike frame.

Curt Goodrich is a super hard working guy that is making some amazing things happen with bicycles. Perennial Cycle is fortunate to have such a great business relationship with Curt.

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