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Build It and They Will Ride (& Need to Park)

My neighborhood K-8 school (Lake Harriet Community School) here in Minneapolis added bike racks over the summer. I was blown away the other morning when I rode my daughter into school and saw over a hundred bikes in the racks. The school is already due more bike racks. Wow.

I shouldn't be so surprised as one of the teachers in the school is Mr. Carlson and he has been doing a fall and spring bike club for several years. How cool is that? Way to go Lake Harriet (and Mr Carlson).

One thought on “Build It and They Will Ride (& Need to Park)”

  • Tim K

    That is so awesome. We help with the bike to school program at our school in Seattle, but don't get anywhere near that turnout unless it's a special even (like bike to school/work day). I think you are right about teacher involvement. They have more power than anyone realizes to get kids on their bikes (and if the kids _want_ to ride, maybe parents will let them and we'll see few cars on the road and fewer fat kids in cars. Win-win!).

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