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  • Mar 31 2014

    Meet Brompton

    You don't have to read too far in the Perennial Cycle Shopcast to know how much we love Brompton folding bikes. As a staff, about half of us have a Brompton (or two...) at home. We each have our quirks when it comes to the fold, favorite colors, and preferred handlebars. But the enthusiasm for introducing YOU to Brompton? That's something we all share, even when we're not in the shop. Whether on a lunch break ride, on a weekend road trip, or during the daily commute — we're happy to chat with those of you who smile, introduce yourselves, and ask... just what is this small-wheeled bike all about? Does it fold? How small does it get? And my favorite... Does it fit inside the front basket?

    Brompton S3L-X in Turkish Green

    This year, we've decided to bring Brompton to you in an entirely new way. Each month, we'll be sending a Brompton home with a new owner to find out what it's like to be a newly minted Brompton rider and see how it fits into each of their lives. To begin, we've loaned a Turkish Green S3L-X to Patrick Stephenson, also known as @patiomensch, a Minneapolis-based cyclist and co-founder of #30daysofbiking. When asked if he'd be interested in participating in our #meetbrompton project, Patrick leapt at the chance and suggested he borrow the bike during his favorite month of the year — April — just in time for 30DOB. So here we are: 30 Days of Biking, meet 30 Days of Brompton.

    For those who are curious about the details... B-Spoked especially for #meetbrompton, this S3L-X has titanium extremities, a Shimano Dynamo front wheel and lights, a front carrier block, mudguards (critical for April riding!), a telescopic seat post, and a Brooks B17 Special that Patrick will be the first to break-in. When he's not toting his official 30DOB Banjo Brothers Canvas Backpack, Patrick will also be using a black Carradice Stockport City Folder (pictured below) and an Abus Bordo lock for those times when it's not possible to bring the Brompton in with him at a given destination.

    Patrick Stephenson picking up his S3L-X for #meetbrompton at Calhoun Cycle

    Be sure to follow @PerennialCycle on Twitter and Instagram to see what Patrick is up to with his shiny new Brompton. And if you see him out and about, stop and say hello!

    Meet Patrick

    Originally from Rochester, Patrick moved to Minneapolis in 2002 to attend the University of Minnesota. In 2010, Patrick started 30 Days of Biking along with his good friend Zach Schaap. The two created a website and launched a campaign that encouraged over 1,000 people to pledge to ride every day in April that year. Patrick still loves to ride and makes friends wherever his bike takes him. He continues to be amazed at a how 30 Days of Biking has grown in just 5 years.

    Folding a Brompton, step by step in pictures

    A copywriter by day, Patrick is a true perfectionist and hopes to abandon his folding cheat sheets within the week and is working to speed up his fold before the month is up.

    Stay tuned for more from Patrick about his adventure with #meetbrompton and get on over to #30daysofbiking to make the pledge yourself. It's easy, it's free, and for every 30 pledges made, 30DOB will give one bike to a girl or boy in need via Minneapolis-based Free Bikes 4 Kidz.

  • Oct 26 2013

    Spooky Sales and Special Treats + Meet the Banjo Brothers this Halloween at Perennial Cycle

    The secret's out! All Banjo Brothers- and Minnehaha-brand items, including panniers, backpacks, small bags, and clothing items, are part of our SPOOKY 25%-off Sale now through Thursday, October 31 at Perennial Cycle. To celebrate the final day of these (so good they're spooky) deals, Banjo Brothers co-founders Mike and Eric will be stopping by the shop from 4–6 p.m. for treats and tricks in their best Banjo Brothers attire this Halloween. But first, here's a little introduction...

    Meet Banjo Mike and Banjo Eric

    It all started one crisp morning in 2003, at a Minneapolis coffee shop where Mike and Eric famously decided to take the leap and start a new business all their own. They knew they wanted to go into business together and they had a name — The Banjo Brothers. The spark for just what that business would be was a trip to a local bike shop. Looking over the available bags, Mike and Eric knew they could put something together that would be both more affordable and of better quality that what they saw available: bags they'd be proud to stand behind. Today, we all know Banjo Bags to be just that. As they say: Tough. Practical. Affordable. When it comes to Banjo Brothers (and their sister-company Minnehaha Bag Co.) products, it's all about the value.

    Beyond the bags, there's plenty more to love about the team behind them. Mike and Eric and the entire Banjo Brothers staff are great patrons of the Minneapolis cycling community, contributing to these (and many more) organizations & events this year:

    Powderhorn 24

    Almanzo 100

    All City Chamionships

    Track or Treat

    Babes in Bikeland

    Cirque du So Gay

    Wellstone Bike Club


    MPLS Bike Love

    MPLS Bike Polo (Championships)

    Open Streets MPLS

    Brompton US Championship

    Tiny Bikeshop Concerts

    #30 Days of Biking

    Dirty Benjamin

    So, this coming Thursday, October 31, make Perennial Cycle a stop on your trick-or-treating to meet Mike & Eric, the faces behind locally-designed Banjo and Minnehaha bags. In addition to a chance to meet Banjo Mike and Banjo Eric, we'll be passing out treats & have activities for you and the family, PLUS a raffle with great prizes. Get your picture taken with Mike and Eric, enjoy some sweets, and grab a sweet deal on a bag or two. While you're here, enter to win one of these great prizes:

    • A Perennial Cycle Winter Maintenance Membership
    • One of two complete Standard Tune-Ups from Perennial Cycle
    • One of 3 Banjo Brothers Musette Bags
    • A Banjo Brothers Canvas Backpack
    • One of 5 Banjo Brothers Phone Wallets

    See you there!

  • Jul 24 2013

    Brompton World Championship → Here We Come!

    This weekend is the Brompton World Championship (BWC) and Minnesota will be well represented:

    Spencer Morse: Spencer for 2 years has been the pace setter for the US Championship. Spencer took 2nd place this year (3rd last year) and is going in place of Stephen Reginold

    Beckie Alexander: Women's 1st place at the US Championship. Beckie's husband Wallace was the 2012 Men's Champion and Beckie was at the 2012 BWC, though was not a competitor

    Susan Todzy: Susan was the 2012 US Women's Champion and is going back the the BWC to defend her title as the winner of the BWC Treble Competition

    Sophie Breen: Women's 2012 US 3rd place winner and 2013 top 10 racer

    Luke Breen: I am the owner of Perennial Cycle and am extremely excited to compete in the BWC along with the group.

  • May 08 2013

    Almanzo 100: Packet Pickup and Last Minute Gear


    As many of you already know, we're hosting the Pre-Race Sign-in for the Almanzo 100 this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the shop, 3342 Hennepin Avenue South in Minneapolis. Weather permitting, packet pickup will be held outside behind the shop. Riders for the Almanzo 100 & the Royal 162 must exchange a signed release form in order to receive a packet. Ride over on two wheels if you can. A limited amount of parking is available in our lot, and there's ample on-street parking in the surrounding neighborhood.
    There'll even be a special for Almanzo participants looking to stock up on last-minute supplies. Don't miss it! Speaking of last-minute supplies... here's a list we've put together combining Mr. Skogen's recommendations and a few of our own. See you on the Spring Valley, folks.

    Almanzo 100 Gear Guide from Calhoun Cycle

    A supportive saddle, preferably one you've spent some miles breaking-in before race day

    Remember, as Chris Skogen himself has said, "Anything can happen over the course of 100 miles." We might also add: On gravel. In Minnesota. In May. If you're a fan of CO2 cartridges, bring them along.

    At least one spare tube.

    Don't forget your tire levers.

    You'll need somewhere to put it all, especially if you're carrying more than a jersey pocket's worth of items. New for 2013, Banjo Brothers Frame Packs, available in two sizes (medium and small), are the perfect companion on a gravel ride. If you're hunting a bag that is easy to access while riding, Banjo's Top Tube Bag, Phone Pack, and Bar Top Bag are all excellent, compact ways to go as well.

    A solid pair of shoes.

    At least one of us is bringing along an extra pair of socks. ANYTHING can happen. Keep that in mind.

    Hydration. We carry a number of unique solutions for helping you find places for your favorite water bottles. Minoura's dual-cage mount for saddles is a favorite of Almanzo riders. Not just for Brompton owners, the Two Fish Quick Cage is another great, temporary solution for squeezing in an extra bottle.

    A patch kit: lighter and smaller than packing multiple spares.

    Your multitool of choice. If it doesn't include a chain tool, consider bringing along a separate one just in case.

    Tires that play well with gravel. For every Challenge Almanzo tire sold through race day, we're making a $10 donation towards keeping the Almanzo 100 free for everyone.

    Sunscreen. Hopefully you figured this out on your training rides.

    Carrying a pump — possibly even better flat protection than your tire.

    Calories. Try your at co-op for the good stuff.

    Roomier than a frame pack but still compact enough for a minimalist rider, Carradice's Zipped Roll and slightly larger Junior are both great options for the items you'll need to access when stopping along the way.

    Blinky lights. One red, one white. Bookman has you covered.

    A jersey with plenty of pockets, preferably dark in color.

    p.s. If you cannot make it to Perennial Cycle on Saturday the 11th to pick up your packet, Chris has asked us to remind you that you'll be fine. You will be able to pick it up the night before the race in Spring Valley, or the morning of the race near the start/finish.

    p.p.s. It'll be more fun if you pick it up on Saturday, though.

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