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Happy to be Wearing Fenders

Airnimal Joey Explore with Planet Bike SpeedEZ Fenders

Ahh yes, it's a wet time of year in Minneapolis. The folks splashing me in their cars may not realize it, but I do. Because regardless of the weather, I'm on my bike. Over the years, I've used a variety of fenders on a variety of bicycles. In search for perfection, I've even made some of my own. (A set of pretty cool aluminum fenders and even some carbon fiber ones, yessir. I realize I may be more particular about fenders, than most.)

It hasn't always been easy to keep me covered, but my fender of choice these days, the Planet Bike SpeedEZ, is doing a spectacular job on a couple of my favorite bikes. If you haven't seen them, I highly recommend them. The SpeedEZ are a full coverage fender set that mount to a wide variety of bikes. I road in today with a set on my  Airnimal Joey. The SpeedEZs on my Joey are actually designed for 700c tires, but they mounted very nicely to cover the 24-inch wheels of my Joey.  I had to play with the radius of the fender to get a perfect match, but it turned out great.

I have several thousand trouble-free miles of the SpeedEZ on my Joey, and have since mounted a set to my Bacchetta Corsa as well. The SpeedEZ also fit nicely on the 26-inch wheels of my Corsa. I'm using the 35mm wide SpeedEZ Road on  the Joey (37mm wide tires) and 45mm fenders Corsa (35mm wide tires). Planet Bike recommends the 35mm wide SpeedEZ Road will take up to a 28mm tire. I think they're a bit conservative to cover the range of width in some knobby tires. I'm getting fine coverage on my bikes.

Here are some pictures of the SpeedEZ on some different bikes. The first ten pictures show the SpeedEZ Road (45mm) fenders on my Airnimal Joey and my Bacchetta Corsa. The last two pictures show the SpeedEZ Hybrid (45mm) fenders on a different Airnimal Joey with 1.5" wide tires. Note that the SpeedEZ Road has a little different mount compared to the Hybrid and ATB models.

The coverage of the SpeedEZ is very good (no complaints) and they've proven to me to be durable. They are incredibly versatile, and relatively easy to fit to a wide variety of bikes. Sure, we spend some time "optimizing" to get things just right. But quite frankly, all fenders a just putzy to install. If they advertise to be 'easy' or 'quick', it more accurately means that it can be done.  I haven't used the elastic bands to hold the fenders in place, so I cannot attest to that method. I have used zip ties to secure the fender mount to the frame (or fork) of the bike, which works great.

You can find fenders for your own ride: HERE

2 thoughts on “Happy to be Wearing Fenders”

  • Darren

    Hi! Thanks, for the great post. I'm looking at these fenders for my single speed with 700x28s. I've been using the Planet Bike Freddy fenders, but I don't like the floppy-ness or the coverage. I'm looking at both the 35 and 45mm versions of the SpeedEZ. The 35 in your pictures appears to have mud flaps and better coverage than the 35 I'm seeing available online, right now, which has no flaps and is shorter, especially for the front wheel. Did Planet Bike change the design of the 35, since you wrote this?


    • Perennial Cycle

      Hi Darren,
      The 35's do not have mud flaps and are not as large a coverage area as the 45 and 55mm Speedez.
      I don't know if I'd consider any of the Speedez to be less "floppy" than Freddy Fenders. The Speedez have a fairly minimal mounting setup and thus they bounce around a fair bit. They work well for me and in fact this past Saturday I did a 100 mile gravel road event (Heck of the North) and while the Speedez (45mm on that bike) bounced around and even chattered a bit on some of the washboard, they did the job beautifully.

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