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Igaro-UK D2 dynamo charging units are here!

Igaro D2 Dynamo Charger
The Igaro D2 is tiny & packed with tech

Igaro is a company in the UK making an extraordinary dynamo charging unit called the D2. Whether you are touring, randonneuring gravel grinding or spending the day out and about on your bike, the Igaro-UK D2 will keep your phone, Garmin, Wahoo, power bank or any number of USB devices charged no matter how many apps you're running.

While we have been reliably using dynamo charging here at Perennial Cycle for several years now, we are always searching for the next evolution of this amazing technology. The Igaro-UK D2 has been of particular interest to us because it has new technical features that we have not seen before, namely the ability to auto-reconnect. What this means is that when a device has either stopped charging completely, or the device's charger has locked onto the lowest trickle of current (like when you encounter a big hill), the D2 will recognize this and once there's enough current to charge at a higher rate, the D2 restarts so the device will start accepting the higher current. This is the feature makes the D2 a plug and play charging device.
Note: Your device needs to be plugged into the D2 while the bike is at a standstill. Being plugged in from a stop allows auto-reconnect to calibrate itself. Plugging in your device while rolling doesn't prevent the charger from working, it just won't activate auto-reconnect if needed. Some devices are capable of reconnecting after charging has been shut down due to a low current, so auto-reconnect is not always a necessary feature.

Many of Perennial Cycle's dynamo super-users have ultimately ended up using their charging units to charge the Cinq5 Power Pack II (power bank). This is due to the fact that the Power Pack II is capable of adjusting its power intake to the flow that is being offered AND it can be used as a pass-through, so while it is being charged, it can also charge a device. Charging a The Power Pack II is the safest way to be sure you are going to be able to charge any device in all riding conditions, but the Igaro-UK D2's are as close to a sure bet as you'll find when connecting a device directly to your dynamo charging unit.

There are 2 models of the D2 available at Perennial Cycle, D2-Standard and D2-Lite. While both models of the D2's have auto-reconnect, the D2-Standard adds tuning optimization to its function and is tuned to give optimal power output at 12 MPH. This translates to adding over 20% more power output at around 12 MPH vs. D2-Lite (or other charging units on the market).

D2's are tiny and easy to tuck into a frame bag or handlebar bag. No matter where you place your D2, the power input pins need to be protected. We have found a nice little ABS box that works well to protect the D2. You can buy it with a USB-C input plug (plugs into the D2) that is about 5" long and the other end of this adaptor is a female USB-A plug.
Note: If you have other adaptor cables that you plan to use, we'd recommend you buy our D2 Box as a DIY project so you can add holes specifically sized for your cable.