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Mini Phil Wood Hub

This is our first Phil Wood hub that has 74mm dropout spacing. 74mm spacing is a standard size for a large segment of the folding bike world. This smaller dropout spacing is plenty wide in regards to wheel strength as it is always a small diameter wheel.

This particular wheel has been built up for a Brompton bike (16", 349mm ISO), though don't expect to see it locally or even domestically as it was shipped to France after I took these pictures. The rim is a Velocity Aeroheat 32 hole, though only 16 holes are being used.

I look at this hub and can see a guy with a black leather apron chucking a block of aluminum into a lathe to do his handywork. I realize that CNC is the more likely production method, but it's a beautiful component with an old school look about it. Lookin' Good Gilles! Enjoy it.

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3 thoughts on “Mini Phil Wood Hub”

  • John O.

    Was it as beautiful in real life?
    Thank You.

  • Perennial

    Yes, I definitely saw this as a piece of art well worth displaying!
    The Sweet Stuff, for sure.

  • [...] I've had my Brommie for a year now. Don't use it much. Once or twice a month. Not that many miles. Front hub made a funny noise on a 6 mile ride recently (no noise before). I stripped it the following day and replaced bearings. Turns out the hub is pitted (from use) and therefore new bearings aren't going to help much. WTF? Its hardly used? I'm not the biggest fan of loose ball bearing hubs but they're not usually this bad. Absolutely shite durability. I'm hoping this is a one off or a Friday afternoon hub build. I probably should have checked it sooner but it felt fine. So I'm stuck with a dilema: New hub and rebuild? Or will I just run into the same problem? Or Superlight front hub (might require new spokes). Are superlights any good? Cartridge bearing? Any other hub options? Can't find much apart from the Dynamo options. Shim Capero have a front hub but its only 20 hole (I think). Don't fancy that suspension hub either. Looks like a solution to a problem I don't really have. What I really want is for Hope to make a 74mm hub! This looks nice but probably a bit too expensive. [...]

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