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  • Jul 26 2008

    Customer on the News!

    Gary on ‘CCO

    The more regular use of a bicycle (as transportation!) has news departments chasing down cyclists to be a part of their stories more now than I ever remember. Today Gary Pederson did a great job showing the practical use that he's getting out of his bicycle. Bonus that Gary's on a sweet lookin' Bacchetta Giro 26 set up for the real world (fenders, rack, mirror, bags, etc. Well done Gary! News story link here.

  • Jul 03 2008

    Bacchetta Giro 20 TT: Going Out the Door!

    Bacchetta Giro 20 TT I caught this bike before it went out the door with it's new owner. I thought it would be nice to show a few pictures of this bike as it's set up. Sweet ride, eh? The Bacchetta Giro 20 TT is Bacchetta's newest model. A 26.5 pound recumbent with a high quality component package including Avid disc brakes... Nice Going! The Giro 20 TT is Bacchetta's 2nd model (Corsa was the first) using an aluminum frame and the frame is making this bike very special indeed. Keeping the weight down and the performance up. It's difficult to categorize this bike as it can be set up and used in a very wide variety of ways. I'd be just as comfortable selling this bike to a daily commuter as I would to a weekend century rider. Bacchetta Giro 20 TT This customer is set up for a nice mix of commuting and weekend day rides. The bike has an Evo Lite Mirror and Sigma 1106 cyclometer on the handlebars. The bike is also set up using a RANS HT rear rack that is shown with the customer's Arkel Commuter pannier (which has a built in laptop sleeve). To mount the HT Rack we used a Disco Rack Spacer to clear the disc brake. Ride Away... Fast!
  • Jun 26 2008

    Tubus Rack Extenders for Surly Karate Monkey

    Chris with Karate Monkey The Surly Karate Monkey is a well known machine in the world of 29ers (bikes with extra large 29" wheels). The horizontal dropouts are great for single speed, fixie or internal gear set ups, yet a derrailluer hanger on the dropout makes it easy to add gears. Chris digs his Karate Monkey a lot and came in ready to add a sweet rack and get some nice panniers for hauling a bit of his world around with him on his bike. The Tubus Logo was his rear rack of choice, but it looked like it would barely clear his rear tire (too low!) and being that he has a pair of bigger tires at home (to say nothing of fitting fenders to the bike) this tight clearance cannot be ignored. Rack extender w/Disco Rack Spacer Lucky for him he is well versed in a software program called Solidworks. He created a drawing of the hardware he needed to extend the height of the Logo Rack and then sent his drawing (as a digital file) to a machinist that made the hardware (and even anodized them blue to match his bike). The disc brake side (pictured above) is using a 17mm Disco Rack Spacer (a Perennial Cycle custom product) as a way to clear the disc brake. Very Nice work Chris!
  • Jun 21 2008

    USS Conversion to a Double Vision

    Vision Recumbent was a strong recumbent brand for about 10 years (Vision went out of business in 2003). They were well recognized for their Under Seat Steering (USS) recumbent design. This Double Vision tandem was purchased used by Peg who happens to have a single Vision (USS R-42 with a 16" front wheel). She purchased the tandem with Over Seat Steering (OSS) and she had us convert it to USS as that's her preference and after a couple of summers riding it OSS she knew that she wanted it converted. The conversion was a pretty large task in that the parts are not available, so we had to make them. We used seatpost clamps on each side handlebar which meant that the bars were adjustable up and down as well as in or out. The conversion ended with a great position that pleased the owner very much. These types of jobs are a real challenge and very satisfying at the same time. Being that Perennial Cycle was one of Vision's largest dealers for many of their years in business, we certainly are familiar enough with their designs to pull off this job.

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